p_inun: List of Installed, Uninstalled and Non-Existing Packages

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List of Installed, Uninstalled and Non-Existing Packages


p_incrandb returns TRUE if all packages are listed in crandb and a vector of FALSE with the names of the packages not listed in crandb.

p_inun returns a list of packages installed or not installed in the computer.

p_inun_crandb checks if the packages exist or do not exist in crandb (see CRAN archives, Bioconductor, Github, your own packages).

The missing packages available on CRAN can be downloaded with p_down0, downloaded and checked (by R CMD check) with xfun::rev_check or installed with install.packages. The packages removed from CRAN but available in CRAN archive can be downloaded with p_downarch.


p_incrandb(..., char = NULL, crandb = get("crandb", envir = .GlobalEnv))

p_inun(..., char = NULL)

p_inun_crandb(..., char = NULL, crandb = get("crandb", envir = .GlobalEnv))



any format recognized by cnsc, including list. A vector or a list of packages.


(name to) a character vector or a list. Use this argument if ... fails or if you call the function from another function. If used, argument ... is ignored.


data.frame crandb.


## In real life, download crandb from CRAN or load it from your directory
## with functions crandb_down() or crandb_load().
## In this example, we use a small file.
crandb_load(system.file("data", "zcrandb.rda", package = "RWsearch"))

## Check if packages are installed or not, and exist or not in crandb
p_incrandb(RWsearch, NotAPkg1, pacman, NotAPkg2, sos)
p_inun(RWsearch, NotAPkg1, pacman, NotAPkg2, sos)
p_inun_crandb(RWsearch, NotAPkg1, pacman, NotAPkg2, sos)

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