binarydb: CRAN Matrix Of Available Binary Packages (archivedb.rda)

binarydbR Documentation

CRAN Matrix Of Available Binary Packages (archivedb.rda)


binarydb_down downloads the matrix of the packages available in binary format available in CRAN (Windows or macOS depending the computer), saves it it in a file named binarydb and finally loads it in .GlobalEnv under the name binarydb. It is a wrapper around the function available.packages(type = "binary").

binarydb_load loads the file filename in .GlobalEnv under the name binarydb.

When loaded in .GlobalEnv, binarydb is recognized by the functions p_vers and p_vers_deps to compare the package version numbers of the installed packages with the most recent versions of the binary and the source versions available in CRAN.


binarydb_down(dir = ".", repos = getOption("repos")[1])

binarydb_load(filename = "binarydb.rda")



character. The directory where "binarydb.rda" is saved Default value "." is the current directory.


character. The address of your local CRAN.


character. The (path to a) file "binarydb.rda" or an equivalent.

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