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Search Packages and Functions on R-Project Help pages and RDocumentation


s_sos searchs in all R documentation packages and functions that contain one or several keywords, open the default browser and display the results in a html page. For one or two keywords, s_sos may find more results than s_crandb as it goes deeper in the documentation, down to the function level. An internet connection is required to reach the website maintained by the R-Project which replaced the University of Pennsylvania during year 2021.

s_sos is a minimal wrapper of the function sos::findFn. Use directly the package sos and read its vignette for advanced search options.


s_sos(..., char = NULL)



any format recognized by cnsc, except list. One or several keywords.


(name to) a character vector. Use this argument if ... fails or if you call the function from another function. If used, argument ... is ignored.

See Also

https://search.r-project.org to search for functions rather than packages,

https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=sos (index and vignette).


## Search using standard or non-standard content
## and display the results in a browser.
if (interactive()) {
s_sos("chemical reaction")
(res <- s_sos(distillation))

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