p_archive: Read Packages in CRAN archive

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Read Packages in CRAN archive


p_archive opens in the browser one page per package and displays the package versions stored in CRAN archive.

p_archive_lst prints in the console a list of the package versions stored in CRAN archive.

Use l_targz takes as input the list issued by p_archive_lst and lists the last package versions archived before a certain date.

Use p_downarch to download packages from the CRAN archives, either the latest version stored or a specific version number.

Use archivedb_list to list all packages stored in CRAN archive (does not include the valid packages having a single version which are stored in regular CRAN).


p_archive(..., char = NULL)

p_archive_lst(..., char = NULL)

l_targz(lst, before = Sys.Date())



any format recognized by cnsc, except list. A vector of packages.


(name to) a character vector. Use this argument if ... fails or if you call the function from another function. If used, argument ... is ignored.


list. A list produced by p_archive_lst.


character which can be converted to a Date, for instance "2017-05-14". Extract from CRAN archive the package(s) available before this date. Can be synchronized with the release dates of base-R versions listed at: https://CRAN.R-project.org/src/contrib/ and https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=rversions/readme/README.html


if (interactive()) p_archive(brew, RWsearch)

lst <- p_archive_lst(RWsearch, zmatrix, NotAPkg) ; lst
l_targz(lst, before = "2019-06-01")

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