Defines functions onAttach

.onAttach <- function(libname, pkgname){
if (!interactive()) return()
Rcmdr <- options()$Rcmdr
plugins <- Rcmdr$plugins
Rcmdr$RcmdrEnv.on.path <- TRUE

if (!pkgname %in% plugins) {
   Rcmdr$plugins <- c(plugins, pkgname)
   if("package:Rcmdr" %in% search()) {
          if(!getRcmdr("autoRestart")) {
                 closeCommander(ask=FALSE, ask.save=TRUE)
"\nALWAYS make sure you DO NOT WORK ON THE ONLY VERSION of your experimental data.\n",
"ALWAYS keep a copy of your valuable experimental data stored in a safe place!\n",
"\nPackage RcmdrPlugin.DoE is still under development:\n",
"The workhorse functions it accesses are reasonably well-tested,\n",
"but the GUI-interface can be improved regarding at least regarding\n",
"parsimony of logged commands (but this is no priority).\n",
"Almost certainly, there will be some bugs for as yet untested user inputs,\n",
"please report such issues!\n"


# get rid of notes in R CMD check for 2.15.1 plus
# must not be within onAttach
if (getRversion() >= '2.15.1') globalVariables(c('.activeDataSet',
'curindex', 'topdes2', 'tn', 'nameVar', 'constraintVar', 'dirVar',
'fileVar', '.stored.designDopt', 'path', 'filename', 'activestab.tn',
'listDesignlhs', 'deschoose2', 'lb', 'buttonsFrame',
'savename.RcmdrPlugin.DoE', 'name.equal.filename', 'direct', 'tab1',
'tab6', 'subsetFrame', 'OKbutton', 'cancelButton', 'helpButton',
'codeVar', 'autolabVar', 'alphaVar', 'halfVar', 'sel.resps', 'top',
'resp.list', 'replacecbVariable', 'level1Var', 'level2Var',
'specialrbVariable', 'hardVar', 'catlgVar', 'comprclassVar',
'facnamlist', 'faclev1list', 'faclev2list', 'faclablist',
'estrbVariable', 'comprrbVariable', 'est2fislist', 'notest2fislist',
'calc.estim', 'comprclassEntry', 'varlistshort', 'infoknopftext',
'selpos', 'nrunOld', 'curfnam', 'curflev1', 'curflev2', 'curflab',
'orderUp', 'orderDown', 'info.window', 'tab2', 'tab3', 'tab4', 'tab5',
'catlgsliste', 'catlgliste', 'curfac', 'PlotMeansDoE.menu',
'levelVariable', 'newnameVar', 'respVar', 'respname', 'csvpath',
'responseQuelle', 'decimal.setting', '.stored.designaugmentlhs',
'blockVar', '.stored.designbbd', 'FrF2Var', '.stored.designccd',
'designs', 'changeable', 'curch', 'contr_rbVariable', 'removable',
'currem', 'resphilf', 'varlistt', 'varlistshortt', 'contours.default',
'contours.at', 'nrowVar', 'ncolVar', 'plottyperbVar', 'imgcbVariable',
'colcbVariable', 'intaclistt', 'nlevlist', 'faclevlist',
'.stored.designfac', 'deschoosefac', 'curnlev', 'curflev', 'loadVar',
'.stored.designlhs', 'lhsVariable', 'rhsVariable', 'linearModel',
'xBox', 'outerOperatorsFrame', 'formulaFrame', 'lhsEntry',
'colnospecifyVariable', 'colnolist', '.stored.designoa', 'deschooseoa',
'curcolno', 'idpos', 'nrunpos', 'nrunslist', 'optimlist',
'.stored.design2pb', 'potentialplotfac', 'curplotfac', 'curresp',
'potentialresp', 'factor.list', 'sel.factors', 'facthilf',
'.move.distances', 'potentialtabfac', 'curtabfac', '.activeModel',
'type', 'topleft2xy', 'modelFrame'))

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