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Data Analysis Using Rough Set and Fuzzy Rough Set Theories

A.Introduction-RoughSetsIntroduction to Rough Set Theory
as.character.RuleSetRSTThe 'as.character' method for RST rule sets
as.list.RuleSetRSTThe 'as.list' method for RST rule sets
BC.discernibility.mat.FRSTThe decision-relative discernibility matrix based on fuzzy...
BC.discernibility.mat.RSTComputation of a decision-relative discernibility matrix...
BC.IND.relation.FRSTThe indiscernibility relation based on fuzzy rough set theory
BC.IND.relation.RSTComputation of indiscernibility classes based on the rough...
BC.LU.approximation.FRSTThe fuzzy lower and upper approximations based on fuzzy rough...
BC.LU.approximation.RSTComputation of lower and upper approximations of decision...
BC.positive.reg.FRSTPositive region based on fuzzy rough set
BC.positive.reg.RSTComputation of a positive region
B.Introduction-FuzzyRoughSetsIntroduction to Fuzzy Rough Set Theory
C.FRNN.FRSTThe fuzzy-rough nearest neighbor algorithm
C.FRNN.O.FRSTThe fuzzy-rough ownership nearest neighbor algorithm
C.POSNN.FRSTThe positive region based fuzzy-rough nearest neighbor...
D.discretization.RSTThe wrapper function for discretization methods
D.discretize.equal.intervals.RSTUnsupervised discretization into intervals of equal length.
D.discretize.quantiles.RSTThe quantile-based discretization discretization based on the maximum discernibility...
D.local.discernibility.heuristic.RSTSupervised discretization based on the local discernibility...
FS.all.reducts.computationA function for computing all decision reducts of a decision...
FS.DAAR.heuristic.RSTThe DAAR heuristic for computation of decision reducts
FS.feature.subset.computationThe superreduct computation based on RST and FRST
FS.greedy.heuristic.reduct.RSTThe greedy heuristic algorithm for computing decision reducts...
FS.greedy.heuristic.superreduct.RSTThe greedy heuristic method for determining superreduct based...
FS.nearOpt.fvprs.FRSTThe near-optimal reduction algorithm based on fuzzy rough set... one reduct from a discernibility matrix
FS.permutation.heuristic.reduct.RSTThe permutation heuristic algorithm for computation of a...
FS.quickreduct.FRSTThe fuzzy QuickReduct algorithm based on FRST
FS.quickreduct.RSTQuickReduct algorithm based on RST
FS.reduct.computationThe reduct computation methods based on RST and FRST
IS.FRIS.FRSTThe fuzzy rough instance selection algorithm
IS.FRPS.FRSTThe fuzzy rough prototype selection method
MV.conceptClosestFitConcept Closest Fit
MV.deletionCasesMissing value completion by deleting instances
MV.globalClosestFitGlobal Closest Fit
MV.missingValueCompletionWrapper function of missing value completion
MV.mostCommonValReplacing missing attribute values by the attribute mean or...
MV.mostCommonValResConceptThe most common value or mean of an attribute restricted to a...
predict.RuleSetFRSTThe predicting function for rule induction methods based on...
predict.RuleSetRSTPrediction of decision classes using rule-based classifiers.
print.FeatureSubsetThe print method of FeatureSubset objects
print.RuleSetRSTThe print function for RST rule sets
RI.AQRules.RSTRule induction using the AQ algorithm
RI.CN2Rules.RSTRule induction using a version of CN2 algorithm
RI.GFRS.FRSTGeneralized fuzzy rough set rule induction based on FRST
RI.hybridFS.FRSTHybrid fuzzy-rough rule and induction and feature selection
RI.indiscernibilityBasedRules.RSTRule induction from indiscernibility classes.
RI.laplaceQuality indicators of RST decision rules
RI.LEM2Rules.RSTRule induction using the LEM2 algorithm
RoughSetDataData set of the package
RoughSets-packageGetting started with the RoughSets package
SF.applyDecTableApply for obtaining a new decision table
SF.asDecisionTableConverting a data.frame into a 'DecisionTable' object
SF.asFeatureSubsetConverting custom attribute name sets into a FeatureSubset... tabular data from files.
sub-.RuleSetRSTThe '[.' method for '"RuleSetRST"' objects
summary.IndiscernibilityRelationThe summary function for an indiscernibility relation
summary.LowerUpperApproximationThe summary function of lower and upper approximations based...
summary.PositiveRegionThe summary function of positive region based on RST and FRST
summary.RuleSetFRSTThe summary function of rules based on FRST
summary.RuleSetRSTThe summary function of rules based on RST
X.entropyThe entropy measure
X.giniThe gini-index measure
X.laplaceRule voting by the Laplace estimate
X.nOfConflictsThe discernibility measure
X.rulesCountingRule voting by counting matching rules
X.ruleStrengthRule voting by strength of the rule
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