Man pages for SBMSplitMerge
Inference for a Generalised SBM with a Split Merge Sampler

acceptaccept 'propsbm' with the acceptance probability alpha
addblockAdd a block move
ARIAdjusted Rand Index
blockmatBlock matrix
blockmat.blocksBlock matrix
blockmat.numericBlock matrix
blockmat.sbmBlock matrix
blockmodBlock Model
blocksBlocks object
blocktraceplot a trace of the blocks from MCMC samples
crpChinese Restaurant Process
ddirichletDirichlet distribution
dedgesDensity of edges
dedges.numericlikelihood of edges
dedges.sbmDensity of edges
delblockDelete a block move
dmaDirichlet Multinomial Allocation
drawblock.dpDraw block membership
drawblock.gibbsGibbs-like reassignment of nodes to the current set of blocks
drawblocks.dpDraw block memberships
drawblocks.gibbsGibbs-like reassignment of nodes to the current set of blocks
drawparamsMetropolis updates by drawing parameters
edgemodClass for edge models
edgesClass for edge data
edges_bernBernoulli edge model
edges_nbinNegative-Binomial edge model
edges_normNormal edge model
edges_poisPoisson edge model
EnronThe Enron data set as extracted from 'igraph' using the...
eval_plotsget a set of evaluation plots from MCMC samples
MacaqueThe Macaque data set as extracted from 'igraph' using the...
marglike_bernMarginal likelihood model for Bernoulli distributed edges
marglike_normMarginal likelihood model for Normal distributed edges
marglike_poisMarginal likelihood model for Poisson distributed edges
mergeavgMerge blocks
mergeblocksmerge move block merging
mergeparamsmerge parameters
mergeparams.defaultMerge step: parameters
mergeparams.numericMerge step - parameter merging
modeblocksmodal block assignments from MCMC samples
multinomMultinomial block assignment
nodelikeLikelihood of node assignment
numblockstraceplot a trace of the number of blocks from MCMC samples
param_betaBeta parameter model
param_gammaGamma parameter model
parammatParameter Matrix
parammat.blocksParameter Matrix
parammat.matrixParameter Matrix
parammat.paramsParameter Matrix
parammat.sbmParameter Matrix
parammodParameter Model
param_nbinParameter model for Negative Binomial
param_normParameter model for Normal Model
params'params' S3 object
paramtraceplot a trace of parameter values from MCMC samples
plot.blocksPlot blocks
plotpostpairshelper function for trace plots
plot.sbmPlot for 'sbm' object
postpairsmean proportion of times two nodes were in the same block...
rcatDraw draw Categorical distribution
rdirichletDirichlet distribution
redgesSimulate edges
rwRandom Walk
samplertop level sampler function
sampler.conjConjugate model sampler
sampler.dpDirichlet process sampler
sampler.gibbsGibbs sampling for node assignments
sampler.rjreversible jump Markov chain Monte Carlo split-merge sampler
sbmClass 'sbm'
sbmmodStochastic block model object
splitavgsplit move using average to merge parameters
splitblockssplit move: blocks
splitparamssplit move: parameters
splitparams.numericsplit move: 'params'
splitparams.paramssplit move: 'params'
StackOverflowThe Stack-Overflow data set as extracted from 'igraph' using...
updateblockUpdate the block assignment of a node
updateblock.blocksUpdate the block assignment of a node
updateblock.sbmUpdate the block assignment of a node
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