# check all inputs for SelvarClustLasso function
CheckInputsC <- function(x, nbcluster, lambda, rho, type, hsize, criterion, models, rmodel, imodel, nbcores)
    stop("x is missing!")
  if(is.matrix(x) == FALSE && is.data.frame(x) == FALSE)
    stop(paste(sQuote("x"), "must be a matrix or data frame !"))
    stop("nbcluster is missing!")
    stop("nbcluster must contain only integer!")
  if(sum(nbcluster < 1))
    stop(paste(sQuote("nbcluster"), "must be an integer greater than 0!"))
    stop("lambda is missing!")
  if(is.vector(lambda) == FALSE | length(lambda) <= 1) 
    stop(paste(sQuote("lambda"), "must be a vector with length >= 2!"))
    stop("lambda must be greater than 0!")
    stop("rho is missing!")
  if(is.vector(rho) == FALSE)
    stop(paste(sQuote("rho"), "must be a vector!"))
    stop("rho must be greater than 0!")

  if((sum(type %in% c("lasso","likelihood")) != length(rmodel)) && length(type)>1)
    stop(cat(type, "is not a valid type name !\n"))
  if(!is.wholenumber(hsize) | sum(hsize < 1) | hsize > ncol(x)) 
    stop(paste(sQuote("hsize"), "must be a positive integer <= ncol(x)!"))
  if(sum(criterion %in% c("BIC","ICL")) != length(criterion))
    stop(cat(criterion[which(!(criterion %in% c("BIC","ICL")))], "is not a valid criterion name !\n"))
    criterion <<- "BIC"
  if(!(criterion %in% c("BIC","ICL")) || (length(criterion)!= 1)) 
    stop(cat(criterion, "is not a valid criterion name, must be BIC or ICL !\n"))
  if(!(isS4(models) && is(models, "GaussianModel")))
    stop("models must be a GaussianModel S4 object! (see Rmixmod package)")
  if(sum(rmodel %in% c("LI","LB","LC")) != length(rmodel))
    stop(cat(rmodel[which(!(rmodel %in% c("LI","LB","LC")))], "is not a valid rmodel name !\n"))
  if(sum(imodel %in% c("LI","LB")) != length(imodel))
    stop(cat(imodel[which(!(imodel %in% c("LI","LB")))], "is not a valid imodel name !\n"))
  if((is.wholenumber(nbcores) == FALSE) || (nbcores < 1)) 
    stop(paste(sQuote("nbcores"), "must be an integer > 0"))

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