#' @title TSS.RESTREND: Time Series Segmented RESidual TREND
#' @docType package
#' @details
#' Version 0.3.0
#' @description
#' The TSS-RESTREND package is designed used via the TSS-RESTREND function which calls all the other functions in the
#' correct order to perform a complete TSS-RESTREND analysis.  The individual functions have been made callable to
#' allow for greater user control.  The version in active development, as well as additional documentation, data and
#' example scripts, see \url{https://github.com/ArdenB/TSSRESTREND}.
#' @note  This code is a demostration of the method and not the code used in Burrell et. al., (2017).
#'        The original code uses both python and R and was designed for batch proccessing. For the pixels
#'        tested using the TSS.RESTREND package it produces identical results.

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