mtd.rbindSelf: Turn a multiData structure into a single matrix or data...

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This function "rbinds" the data components of all sets in the input into a single matrix or data frame.





A multiData structure.


A multiData structure is intended to store (the same type of) data for multiple, possibly independent, realizations (for example, expression data for several independent experiments). It is a list where each component corresponds to an (independent) data set. Each component is in turn a list that can hold various types of information but must have a data component. In a "strict" multiData structure, the data components are required to each be a matrix or a data frame and have the same number of columns. In a "loose" multiData structure, the data components can be anything (but for most purposes should be of comparable type and content).

This function requires a "strict" multiData structure.


A single matrix or data frame containing the "rbinded" result.


Peter Langfelder

See Also

multiData to create a multiData structure;

rbind for various subtleties of the row binding operation.

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