mtd.setColnames: Get and set column names in a multiData structure.

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Get and set column names in a multiData structure.


Get and set column names on each data component in a multiData structure.


mtd.setColnames(multiData, colnames)



A multiData structure


A vector (coercible to character) of column names.


A multiData structure is intended to store (the same type of) data for multiple, possibly independent, realizations (for example, expression data for several independent experiments). It is a list where each component corresponds to an (independent) data set. Each component is in turn a list that can hold various types of information but must have a data component. In a "strict" multiData structure, the data components are required to each be a matrix or a data frame and have the same number of columns. In a "loose" multiData structure, the data components can be anything (but for most purposes should be of comparable type and content).

The mtd.colnames and mtd.setColnames assume (and checks for) a "strict" multiData structure.


mtd.colnames returns the vector of column names of the data component. The function assumes the column names in all sets are the same.

mtd.setColnames returns the multiData structure with the column names set in all data components.


Peter Langfelder

See Also

multiData to create a multiData structure.

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