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Actuarial Functions and Heavy Tailed Distributions

actuar-packageActuarial Functions and Heavy Tailed Distributions
adjCoefAdjustment Coefficient
aggregateDistAggregate Claim Amount Distribution
betaintThe "Beta Integral"
BetaMomentsRaw and Limited Moments of the Beta Distribution
BurrThe Burr Distribution
ChisqSuppMoments and Moment Generating Function of the (non-central)...
cmCredibility Models
coverageDensity and Cumulative Distribution Function for Modified...
CTEConditional Tail Expectation
dentalIndividual Dental Claims Data Set
discretizeDiscretization of a Continuous Distribution
elevEmpirical Limited Expected Value
emmEmpirical Moments
ExponentialSuppMoments and Moment Generating Function of the Exponential...
Extract.grouped.dataExtract or Replace Parts of a Grouped Data Object
FellerParetoThe Feller Pareto Distribution
GammaSuppMoments and Moment Generating Function of the Gamma...
gdentalGrouped Dental Claims Data Set
GeneralizedBetaThe Generalized Beta Distribution
GeneralizedParetoThe Generalized Pareto Distribution
grouped.dataGrouped data
GumbelThe Gumbel Distribution
hachemeisterHachemeister Data Set
hist.grouped.dataHistogram for Grouped Data
InverseBurrThe Inverse Burr Distribution
InverseExponentialThe Inverse Exponential Distribution
InverseGammaThe Inverse Gamma Distribution
InverseGaussianThe Inverse Gaussian Distribution
InverseParalogisticThe Inverse Paralogistic Distribution
InverseParetoThe Inverse Pareto Distribution
InverseTransformedGammaThe Inverse Transformed Gamma Distribution
InverseWeibullThe Inverse Weibull Distribution
LogarithmicThe Logarithmic Distribution
LoggammaThe Loggamma Distribution
LoglogisticThe Loglogistic Distribution
LognormalMomentsRaw and Limited Moments of the Lognormal Distribution
mdeMinimum Distance Estimation
mean.grouped.dataArithmetic Mean
NormalSuppMoments and Moment generating function of the Normal...
ogiveOgive for Grouped Data
ParalogisticThe Paralogistic Distribution
ParetoThe Pareto Distribution
Pareto2The Pareto II Distribution
Pareto3The Pareto III Distribution
Pareto4The Pareto IV Distribution
PhaseTypeThe Phase-type Distribution
PoissonInverseGaussianThe Poisson-Inverse Gaussian Distribution
quantile.aggregateDistQuantiles of Aggregate Claim Amount Distribution
quantile.grouped.dataQuantiles of Grouped Data
rcompoundSimulation from Compound Models
rmixtureSimulation from Discrete Mixtures
ruinProbability of Ruin
severityManipulation of Individual Claim Amounts
simulSimulation from Compound Hierarchical Models
simul.summariesSummary Statistics of a Portfolio
SingleParameterParetoThe Single-parameter Pareto Distribution
TransformedBetaThe Transformed Beta Distribution
TransformedGammaThe Transformed Gamma Distribution
UniformSuppMoments and Moment Generating Function of the Uniform...
unrollDisplay a Two-Dimension Version of a Matrix of Vectors
VaRValue at Risk
var-methodsVariance and Standard Deviation
WeibullMomentsRaw and Limited Moments of the Weibull Distribution
ZeroModifiedBinomialThe Zero-Modified Binomial Distribution
ZeroModifiedGeometricThe Zero-Modified Geometric Distribution
ZeroModifiedLogarithmicThe Zero-Modified Logarithmic Distribution
ZeroModifiedNegativeBinomialThe Zero-Modified Negative Binomial Distribution
ZeroModifiedPoissonThe Zero-Modified Poisson Distribution
ZeroTruncatedBinomialThe Zero-Truncated Binomial Distribution
ZeroTruncatedGeometricThe Zero-Truncated Geometric Distribution
ZeroTruncatedNegativeBinomialThe Zero-Truncated Negative Binomial Distribution
ZeroTruncatedPoissonThe Zero-Truncated Poisson Distribution
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