aqp: Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology

A collection of algorithms related to modeling of soil resources, soil classification, soil profile aggregation, and visualization.

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AuthorDylan Beaudette [aut, cre], Pierre Roudier [aut, ctb]
Date of publication2017-01-06 01:16:17
MaintainerDylan Beaudette <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

addBracket: Add Depth Brackets

addVolumeFraction: Symbolize Volume Fraction on a Soil Profile Collection Plot

aggregateColor: Summarize Soil Colors

aggregateSoilDepth: Probabalistic Estimation of Soil Depth

amarillo: Amarillo Soils

aqp-package: Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology

ca630: Soil Data from the Central Sierra Nevada Region of California

estimateSoilDepth: Estimate Soil Depth

evalGenHZ: Evaluate Generalized Horizon Labels

evalMissingData: Evaluate Missing Data

f.noise: Example Objective Function for Full-Pattern Matching

generalize.hz: Generalize Horizon Names Determine ML Horizon Boundaries

getSoilDepthClass: Generate Soil Depth Class Matrix

groupedProfilePlot: Grouped Soil Profile Plot

guessGenHzLevels: Guess Appropriate Ordering for Generalized Horizon Labels

hzDistinctnessCodeToOffset: Convert Horizon Distinctness Codes

hzTransitionProbabilities: Horizon Transition Probabilities

missingDataGrid: Missing Data Grid

munsell: Munsell to sRGB Lookup Table for Common Soil Colors

munsell2rgb: Convert Munsell Notation to and from sRGB color coordinates

panel.depth_function: Lattice Panel Function for Soil Profiles

plot_distance_graph: Between Individual Distance Plot

plotMultipleSPC: Plot Multiple SoilProfileCollection Objects

profileApply-methods: Apply a function to soil profiles within a...

profile_compare-methods: Numerical Soil Profile Comparison

profileGroupLabels: Soil Profile Group Labels

random_profile: Random Profile

resample.twotheta: Resample an XRD Pattern

rruff.sample: Sample XRD Patterns

sim: Simulate Soil Profiles

soilColorSignature: Soil Profile Color Signatures

soil_minerals: Munsell Colors of Common Soil Minerals

SoilProfileCollection-class: SoilProfileCollection Class

sp1: Soil Profile Data Example 1

sp2: Honcut Creek Soil Profile Data

sp3: Soil Profile Data Example 3

sp4: Soil Chemical Data from Serpentinitic Soils of California

sp5: Sample Soil Database #5

sp6: Soil Physical and Chemical Data from Manganiferous Soils

SPC-plotting: Profile Plot

SPC-slab-methods: Slab-Wise Aggregation of SoilProfileCollection Objects

SPC-slice-methods: Slicing of SoilProfilecollection Objects

SPC-unique-methods: Get Indices to Unique Soil Profiles Within a Collection

SPC-utils: Getters, Setters, and Utility Methods for...

subsetProfiles-methods: Subset SoilProfileCollection Objects.

test_hz_logic: Test Horizon Logic

texture.triangle.low.rv.high: Soil Texture Low-RV-High as Defined by Quantiles

unroll: Unroll Genetic Horizons


addBracket Man page
addDiagnosticBracket Man page
addVolumeFraction Man page
aggregateColor Man page
aggregateSoilDepth Man page
amarillo Man page
aqp Man page
aqp.env Man page
aqp-package Man page
ca630 Man page
coordinates<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
coordinates,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
depths<- Man page
depths<-,data.frame-method Man page
depths<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
depth_units Man page
depth_units<- Man page
depth_units<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
depth_units,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
diagnostic_hz Man page
diagnostic_hz<- Man page
diagnostic_hz<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
diagnostic_hz,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
estimateSoilDepth Man page
evalGenHZ Man page
evalMissingData Man page
f.noise Man page
generalize.hz Man page
genhzTableToAdjMat Man page
getClosestMunsellChip Man page Man page
get.slice Man page
getSoilDepthClass Man page
groupedProfilePlot Man page
guessGenHzLevels Man page
horizonDepths Man page
horizonDepths,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
horizonNames Man page
horizonNames<- Man page
horizonNames<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
horizonNames,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
horizons Man page
horizons<- Man page
horizons<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
horizons,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
hzDistinctnessCodeToOffset Man page
hzTransitionProbabilities Man page
idname Man page
idname,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
length,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
.lpp Man page
make.segments Man page
max,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
metadata Man page
metadata<- Man page
metadata<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
metadata,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
min,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
missingDataGrid Man page
mostLikelyHzSequence Man page
munsell Man page
munsell2rgb Man page
names Man page
names,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
nrow,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
panel.depth_function Man page
parseMunsell Man page
pc Man page
pc.SPC Man page
plot Man page
plot_distance_graph Man page
plotMultipleSPC Man page
plot.SoilProfileCollection Man page
plot,SoilProfileCollection,ANY-method Man page
plot,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
plotSPC Man page
prepanel.depth_function Man page
profileApply Man page
profileApply,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
profile_compare Man page
profile_compare,data.frame-method Man page
profile_compare,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
profileGroupLabels Man page
profile_id Man page
profile_id,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
proj4string<-,SoilProfileCollection,ANY-method Man page
proj4string,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
random_profile Man page
rbind.SoilProfileCollection Man page
resample.twotheta Man page
rgb2munsell Man page
rruff.sample Man page
show,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
sim Man page
site Man page
site<- Man page
siteNames Man page
siteNames<- Man page
siteNames<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
siteNames,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
site<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
site,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
slab Man page
slab2 Man page
slab,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
slice Man page Man page
slice,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
soilColorSignature Man page
soil_minerals Man page
SoilProfileCollection Man page
[,SoilProfileCollection,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
SoilProfileCollection-class Man page
[,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
$<-,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
$,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
sp1 Man page
sp2 Man page
sp3 Man page
sp4 Man page
sp5 Man page
sp6 Man page
subsetProfiles Man page
subsetProfiles,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
test_hz_logic Man page
texture.triangle.low.rv.high Man page
unique Man page
unique,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
uniqueSPC Man page
unroll Man page


demo/aqp.R demo/slope_effect_hz_thickness.R
R/slab.R R/profile_plot.R R/soilColorSignature.R R/unroll.R R/f.noise.R R/aggregateSoilDepth.R R/SoilProfileCollection-coercion.R R/estimateSoilDepth.R R/evalGenHz.R R/guessGenHzLevels.R R/texture-low-rv-high.R R/SoilProfileCollection-iterators.R R/resample.twotheta.R R/test_hz_logic.R R/plot_distance_graph.R R/evalMissingData.R R/profile_compare.R R/SPC-find_horizons.R R/getSoilDepthClass.R R/hzTransitionProbabilities.R R/random_profile.R R/generalize.hz.R R/SoilProfileCollection-spatial.R R/Class-SoilProfileCollection.R R/panel.depth_function.R R/prepanel.depth_function.R R/SoilProfileCollection-slice-methods.R R/munsell2rgb.R R/SoilProfileCollection-methods.R R/sim.R R/AAAA.R R/ R/aggregateColor.R R/addVolumeFraction.R R/make.segments.R R/zzz.R R/setters.R R/mostLikelyHzSequence.R R/missingDataGrid.R R/soil_slotting.R
man/sp3.Rd man/guessGenHzLevels.Rd man/SPC-slice-methods.Rd man/aggregateSoilDepth.Rd man/sp5.Rd man/SPC-slab-methods.Rd man/subsetProfiles-methods.Rd man/unroll.Rd man/generalize.hz.Rd man/profileApply-methods.Rd man/groupedProfilePlot.Rd man/addVolumeFraction.Rd man/hzTransitionProbabilities.Rd man/f.noise.Rd man/panel.depth_function.Rd man/random_profile.Rd man/evalGenHZ.Rd man/resample.twotheta.Rd man/soil_minerals.Rd man/sp6.Rd man/munsell.Rd man/evalMissingData.Rd man/hzDistinctnessCodeToOffset.Rd man/profileGroupLabels.Rd man/plot_distance_graph.Rd man/profile_compare-methods.Rd man/ca630.Rd man/getSoilDepthClass.Rd man/aqp-package.Rd man/SPC-unique-methods.Rd man/SPC-plotting.Rd man/SPC-utils.Rd man/rruff.sample.Rd man/sp4.Rd man/texture.triangle.low.rv.high.Rd man/test_hz_logic.Rd man/plotMultipleSPC.Rd man/ man/aggregateColor.Rd man/estimateSoilDepth.Rd man/sp1.Rd man/amarillo.Rd man/missingDataGrid.Rd man/munsell2rgb.Rd man/SoilProfileCollection-class.Rd man/sim.Rd man/addBracket.Rd man/sp2.Rd man/soilColorSignature.Rd

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