doublebracket-set: Add or change column of horizon or site data in a...

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Add or change column of horizon or site data in a SoilProfileCollection


Add or change the data from a column accessed by name. Column names other than profile ID are not shared between site and horizons. The benefit of using double bracket setter over $ is that name can be calculated, whereas with $, it must be known a priori and hard coded.

When using the double bracket setter the length of input and output matching either the number of sites or number of horizons is used to determine which slot new columns are assigned to.


## S4 replacement method for signature 'SoilProfileCollection,ANY,ANY'
x[[i]] <- value



a SoilProfileCollection


an expression resolving to a single column name in site or horizon table-


New value to replace – unit length or equal in length to number of sites or horizons in the collection.

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