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A Collection of Statistical Tools for Biologists

agrostisAgrostis variabilis cover measurements
aidsAids and veterans dataset
alfalfa.split.plotAn agricultural split plot design
alpha.divFunctions for calculating alpha diversity.
anm.ciAnimation demonstrations of confidence intervals.
anm.coinAnimated demonstration of frequentist binomial convergence of...
anm.cont.pdfAnimated demonstration of density for a continuous pdf
anm.dieAnimated depiction of six-sided die throws.
anm.ExpDesignAnimated depiction of experimental designs
anm.geo.growthAnimated depictions of population growth
anm.loglikAnimated plots of log-likelihood functions
anm.lsAnimated plot of least squares function. plot of the least squares function.
anm.LVAnimated depictions of Lotka-Volterra competition and... of Markov Chain Monte Carlo walks in bivariate...
anm.samp.designAnimated demonstration of randomized sampling designs
anolisAnolis lizard contingency table data
anscombeAnscombe's quartet
ant.dewAnt honeydew data
AP.testAgresti-Pendergrast test
asthmaAsthma repeated measures dataset from Littell et al. (2002)
aucArea under a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve
baby.walkBaby walking times experimental data
batsBat forearm length as a function of bat age
Bayes.discBayesian graphical summaries for discrete or categorical...
bayes.lmBayesian linear models with uniform priors
BCI.countBarro Colorado Island Tree Counts
BCI.plantTree presence/absence data from Barro Colorado island
BDM.testBrunner-Dette-Munk test
bearGrizzly bear litter sizes
beetleWood boring beetle data.
best.agreementDetermine agreement of two classifications
bin2decConversion of binary digits to decimal numbers
bombusBombus pollen data.
boneBone development data
book.menuPulldown menus for 'asbio' interactive graphical functions CI of M-estimators differences of two samples
bootstrapA simple function for bootstrapping
bound.angleAngle of azimuth to a boundary.
bplotBarplots with error bars (including interval plots)
bromusBromus tectorum dataset
bv.boxplotBivariate boxplots
bvn.plotMake plots of bivariate normal distributions
caribouCaribou count data
case0902Dataset of mammal traits from Ramsey and Schaefer (1997)
case1202Dataset of salary attributes for male and female workers from...
chi.plotChi plots for diagnosing multivariate independence.
chronicChronic ailment counts for urban and rural women in Australia
ci.bootBootstrap confidence intervals
ci.imptConfidence interval for the product of two proportions
ci.medianConfidence interval for the median
ci.muZ and t confidence intervals for mu. sided confidence interval for mu.
ci.pConfidence interval estimation for the binomial parameter pi...
ci.pratConfidence intervals for the ratio of binomial and...
ci.prat.akConfidence intervals for ratios of proportions when the...
ci.sigmaConfidence interval for sigma squared.
C.isotopeAtmospheric carbon and D14C measurements
ci.stratConfidence intervals for stratified random samples.
cliff.envEnvironmental data for the community dataset cliff.sp
cliff.spYellowstone NP cliff community data
concreteConcrete strength dataset for data mining
ConDis.matrixCalculation and display of concordant and discordant pairs
cornCorn yield data
crabsAgresti crabs dataset
crab.weightcrab gill and body weight data
cuckooTippett cuckoo egg data
death.penaltyFlorida state death penalty data
deerMaternal deer data
deer.296Mule deer telemetry data
depressionHamilton depression scores before and after drug treatment
DH.testDoornik-Hansen test for multivariate normality.
dO2Dissolved levels in locations above and below a town
drugsContingency data for high school marijuana, alcohol, and...
D.sqMahalanobis distance for two sites using a pooled covariance...
e.cancerEsophageal cancer data modified slightly to create a balanced...
eff.rbdEfficiency of a randomized block design compared to a CRD
enzymeEnzymatic rate data for the phospholipase protein ExoU
ES.MayMay's effective specialization index
exercise.repeatedRepeated measures data for an exercise experiment.
facebookFacebook performance metrics for data mining and machine...
FbirdFrigatebird drumming frequency data
fireFire data from Yellowstone National Park
fly.sexFly sex and longevity
frogAustralian frog calls following fire
fruitFruit weight data from Littell et al. (2002)
garmentsGarment Latin square data from Littell et al. (2002)
Glucose2Glucose Levels Following Alcohol Ingestion
G.meanGeometric mean
goatsMountain goat data from Yellowstone National Park
grassAgricultural factorial design
g.testLikelihood ratio test for tabular data
heartHeart rate data from Milliken and Johnson (2009)
HL.meanHodges-Lehman estimator of location
H.meanHarmonic mean
huber.muHuber M-estimator of location
huber.NRHuber M-estimator iterative least squares algorithm one step M-estimator
illusionsVisual illusions illustrating human perception errors.
ipomopsisIpomopsis fruit yield data joint confidence intervals for parameters in...
KSoil potassium analyses from 8 laboratories
KappaCalculates kappa statistic and other classification error...
kmKaplan-Meier survivorship.
KullbackKullback test for equal covariance matrices.
larreaCreosote bush counts
life.expMouse life expectancy data
lm.selectAIC, AICc, BIC, Mallow's Cp, and PRESS evaluation of linear...
loess.surfLoess 2D and 3D smooth plots
magnetsMagnet pain relief data
MCfunctionsSimple functions for MCMC demonstrations
mcmc.norm.hierGibbs sampling of normal hierarchical models
MC.testMonte Carlo hypothesis testing for two samples.
ML.kMaximum likelihood algorithm for determining the binomial...
ModeSample mode
modlevene.testModified Levene's test
montane.islandMountain island biogeographic data
moose.selDatasets for resource use and availability
mosquitoMosquito wing length data
MS.testMack-Skillings test
myelomaPatient responses to myeloma drug treatments
near.boundNearest neighbor boundary coordinates
one.sample.tOne sample t-test
one.sample.zOne sample z-test
paikPaik diagrams
pairw.anovaConducts pairwise post hoc and planned comparisons associated...
pairw.friedMultiple pairwise comparison procedure to accompany a...
pairw.kwMultiple pairwise comparison procedure to accompany a...
pairw.onewayWelch tests controlled for simultaneous inference
panel.cor.resFunctions for customizing correlation matrices
partial.R2Partial correlations of determination in multiple regression
partial.resid.plotPartial residual plots for interpretation of multiple...
PCBPCBs and herring egg thickness
perm.fact.testPermutation test for two and three way factorial designs
pikaNitrogen content of soils under pika haypiles
plantTraitsPlant traits for 136 species
plotAncovaCreates plots for one way ANCOVAs
plotCI.regPlots a simple linear regression along with confidence and...
plot.pairwPlots confidence intervals and/or bars with letters...
PM2.5PM 2.5 pollutant data from Pocatello Idaho.
polyaminePolyamine data from Hollander and Wolfe (1999)
portneufPortneuf River longitudinal N and P data
potashPotash/cotton strength data
potatoFisher's Rothamsted potato data
power.z.testPower analysis for a one sample z-test
pressprediction sum of squares
Preston.distPreston diversity analysis
prostateProstate cancer data
pseudo.vJacknife pseudo-values
qq.PlotNormal quantile plots for single or multiple factor levels
Rabino_CO2CSIRO d13C-CO2 data from Rubino et al., A revised 1000 year...
ratRat glycogen data from Sokal and Rohlf (2012)
r.bwBiweight midvariance, and biweight midcorrelation.
r.distVisualize the sampling distribution of Pearson's product...
refineryRefinery CO dataset
R.hatR hat MCMC convergence statistic
rinvchisqRandom draws from a scaled inverse chi-square distribution
rmvmA multivariate normal dataset for data mining
r.pbPercentage bend correlation
samp.distAnimated and/or snapshot representations of a statistic's...
samp.dist.mechAnimated representation of sampling distribution basics
savageMammalian BMR and biomass data from Savage et al. (2004)
sc.twinMatched pairs schizophrenia data
sedum.tsCO2 exchange time series data
see.accPrec.tckInteractive depiction of precision and accuracy
see.ancova.tckVisualize ANCOVA mechanics
see.anova.tckInteractive depiction of the ANOVA mechanism
see.cor.range.tckDepict the effect of range on correlation
see.exppower.tckVisualize exponential power functions
see.HWVisualize the Hardy Weinberg equilibrium
see.lma.tckANOVA linear models
see.lmr.tckRegression linear model derivation from linear algebra
see.lmu.tckUnbalanced and balanced linear models
see.logicInteractive worksheet for logical and fallacious arguments
see.MVisualization of the M-estimation function
see.mixedIIDepiction of the effect of random level selection on...
see.mnom.tckInteractive depiction of the multinomial distribution
see.moveInteractive visualization of least squares regression.
see.nlmVisualize important non-linear functions
see.norm.tckVisualize pdfs
see.powerInteractive depiction of type I and type II error and power
see.rEffect.tckVisualize random effects model
see.regression.tckDemonstration of regression mechanics
see.roc.tckInteractive depiction of ROC curves
see.smooth.tckInteractive smoother demonstrations
see.ttest.tckVisualize t-tests
see.typeI_IIInteractive depiction of type I and II error
se.jackJackknife standard error from a set of pseudovalues self-testing questions
SemiconductorSplit plot computer chip data from Littell et al. (2006)
SexDetermFern environmental sex determination data
shadAmerican gizzard shad data
shade.normShading functions for interpretation of pdf probabilities.
shade.norm.tckGUI display of probability
simberloffCompilations of genus and species counts from Simberloff...
skew.kurtSample skewness and kurtosis
SM.temp.moistAlpine soil temperature and moisture time series
snoreSnoring and heart disease contingency data data for 32 US cities with respect to 6 explanatory...
stan.errorVariance and standard error estimators for the sampling...
starkeyDEM data from the Starkey experimental forest in NE Oregon
suessdel14C in the atmosphere from 1700-1950
tragSalsify height dataset
transMTransition matrix analysis
trim.meTrim data
trim.ranef.testRobust test for random factors using trimmed means.
trim.testRobust one way trimmed means test.
tukey.add.testTukey's test of additivity.
veneerVeneer data from Littell et al. (2002)
VennVenn probability diagrams for an event with two outcomes
vsScandinavian site by species community matrix
wash.richSpecies richness and environmental variables from Mt Washburn
websSpider web length data
wheatAgricultural randomized block design
whickhamWhickham contingency table data for smokers and survivorship
wildebeestWildebeest carcass categorical data
winWinsorize data
wineWhite wine quality data for data mining
world.co2World CO2 levels, by country, from 1980 to 2006
world.popPopulation levels in various countries from 1980-2006
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