Man pages for astrochron
A Computational Tool for Astrochronology

anchorTimeAnchor a floating astrochronology to a radioisotopic age
ar1Generate AR(1) surrogates
ar1etpAR(1) + ETP simulation routine
arcsinTArcsine transformation of stratigraphic series
armaGenGenerate autoregressive moving-average model
asmAverage Spectral Misfit
astrochron-packageastrochron: A Computational Tool for Astrochronology
autoPlotAutomatically plot multiple stratigraphic series, with...
bandpassBandpass filter stratigraphic series
bergerPeriodsObliquity and precession periods of Berger et al. (1992)
calcPeriodsCalculate eccentricity and precession periods in ka, given g...
cbCombine multiple vectors
clipItCreate non-linear response by clipping stratigraphic series
confAdjustAdjust spectrum confidence levels for multiple comparisons
constantSedrateApply a constant sedimentation rate model to transform a...
cosTaperApply cosine taper to stratigraphic series
cyclesGenerate harmonic model
delPtsInteractively delete points in plot
demeanRemove mean value from stratigraphic series
detrendSubtract linear trend from stratigraphic series
diffAccumModel differential accumulation
divTrendDivide by linear trend in stratigraphic series
dpssTaperApply DPSS taper to stratigraphic series
eAsmEvolutive Average Spectral Misfit
eAsmTrackTrack ASM null hypothesis significance level minima in eASM...
ehaEvolutive Harmonic Analysis & Evolutive Power Spectral...
eTimeOpteTimeOpt: Evolutive implementation of TimeOpt (Meyers, 2015;...
eTimeOptTrackTrack eTimeOpt r2 maxima
etpGenerate eccentricity-tilt-precession models
extractExtract record from EHA time-frequency output or eAsm output
flipFlip stratigraphic series
freq2sedrateConvert record of local spatial frequency (from EHA) to...
gausTaperApply Gaussian taper to stratigraphic series
getColorQuery R for color information
getDataDownload file from astrochron data server
getLaskarDownload Laskar et al. (2004, 2011a, 2011b) astronomical...
hannTaperApply Hann taper to stratigraphic series
headnList column numbers for each variable
hilbertHilbert transform of stratigraphic series
idPtsInteractively identify points in plot
imbrieImbrie and Imbrie (1980) ice sheet model
integratePowerDetermine the total power within a given bandwidth
isoIsolate data from a specified stratigraphic interval
linageTune stratigraphic series to an astronomical target using...
linterpPiecewise linear interpolation of stratigraphic series
logTLog transformation of stratigraphic series
lowpassLowpass filter stratigraphic series
lowspecRobust Locally-Weighted Regression Spectral Background...
makeNoiseGenerate noise surrogates from a theoretical power spectrum
modelAExample stratigraphic model series
mtmMultitaper method spectral analysis
mtmARIntermediate spectrum test of Thomson et al. (2001)
mtmML96Mann and Lees (1996) robust red noise MTM analysis
mtmPLMultitaper Method Spectral Analysis with Power Law (1/f) fit
multiTestAdjust spectral p-values for multiple comparisons
mwCorCalculate moving window correlation coefficient for two...
mwinDetermine 'dynamic moving window' for stratigraphic series,...
mwStats'Dynamic window' moving average, median and variance of...
noKernelRemove Gaussian kernel smoother from stratigraphic series
noLowFit and remove Lowess smoother from stratigraphic series
padPad stratigraphic series with zeros
peakIdentify maxima of peaks in series, filter at desired...
periodogramSimple periodogram
plSet up plots
plotEhaCreate color time-frequency plots from eha results.
plSSet default plotting parameters for vertical stratigraphic...
prewhiteARPrewhiten stratigraphic series with autoregressive filter,...
prewhiteAR1Prewhiten stratigraphic series with AR1 filter, using...
pwrLawGenerate power law (1/f) noise surrogates
pwrLawFitEstimate power law (1/f) fit to power spectrum
rankSeriesCreate lithofacies rank series from bed thickness data
readRead data from file
readMatrixRead data matrix from file
repl0Replace values < 0 with 0
replEpsReplace values <= 0 with smallest positive value
resampleResample stratigraphic series
rmNARemove stratigraphic levels that contain one or more NAs
sStandardize variable in stratigraphic series
sedRampApply 'ramping' sedimentation rate model to convert time to...
sedrate2timeIntegrate sedimentation rate curve to obtain time-space map
slideCorIdentify optimal spatial/temporal shift to maximize...
sortNaveRemove missing entries, sort data, average duplicates
stepHeatAr/Ar Geochronology: Generate an Ar/Ar age spectrum and...
stratsSummary statistics for stratigraphic series
surrogateCorEstimate correlation coefficient and significance for...
surrogatesGenerate phase-randomized surrogate series as in Ebisuzaki...
synthStratSynthesize stratigraphy from forcing function
tanerApply Taner bandpass or lowpass filter to stratigraphic...
testBackgroundEvaluate power spectrum false positive rates via Monte Carlo...
testPrecessionAstrochronologic testing via the precession amplitude...
testTiltAstrochronologic testing via the obliquity amplitude...
timeOptTimeOpt: Evaluation of eccentricity-related amplitude...
timeOptMCMCTimeOptMCMC: Evaluation of eccentricity-related amplitude...
timeOptPlotTimeOptPlot: Generate summary figure for TimeOpt analyses
timeOptSimMonte Carlo simulation for TimeOpt
timeOptTemplateTimeOpt analysis using variable sedimentation models
timeOptTemplatePlotTimeOptTemplatePlot: Generate summary figure for...
timeOptTemplateSimSimulations for timeOptTemplate
tonesCalculate all possible difference and combinations tones
traceFreqFrequency-domain minimal tuning: Use interactive graphical...
tracePeakA tool to interactively trace peak trajectories on plots
trackFreqFrequency-domain minimal tuning: Use interactive graphical...
trackPeakA tool to interactively select points to track peak...
trimRemove outliers from stratigraphic series
trimATRemove outliers from stratigraphic series
troughIdentify minima of troughs in series, filter at desired...
tuneTune stratigraphic series
writeCSVWrite CSV file
writeTWrite tab-delimited file
wtMeanAr/Ar Geochronology: calculate weighted mean age, age...
xplotGenerate cross-plot with kernel density estimates on axes
zoomInDynamically explore cross-plot, zoom-in into specified region
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