Man pages for biclust
BiCluster Algorithms

BCBimaxThe Bimax Bicluster algorithm
BCCCThe CC Bicluster algorithm
BCPlaidThe Plaid Model Bicluster algorithm
BCQuestThe Questmotif Bicluster algorithm
BCSpectralThe Spectral Bicluster algorithm
BCXmotifsThe Xmotifs Bicluster algorithm
BicatYeastBicAT Yeast
BiclustThe Biclust Class
biclustbarchartBicluster Barchart
biclusterExtract Bilcuster
biclust-methodThe biclust Method
BiclustMethodThe BiclustMethod Virtual Class
bimax.gridParameter Grid for BCBimax Biclustering
ChiaKaruturiChia and Karuturi Function
clustmemberBicluster Membership Graph
coherenceCoherence measures
computeObservedFstatDiagnostic F Statistic Calculation
diagnoseColRowBootstrap Procedure for Bicluster Diagnostics
diagnosticPlotDiagnostic F Statistics Visualization
diagnosticPlot2Diagnostics F Statistiics Visualization
diagnosticTestTesting Procedure for Bicluster Diagnostics
discretizeCreate a discret matrix
drawHeatmapDraw Heatmap
EisenYeastEisen Yeast
ensembleEnsemble Methods for Bicluster Algorithms
heatmapBCOverlapping Heatmap
isoverlappIs Bicresult overlapping?
parallelCoordinatesParallel Coordinates
plaid.gridParameter Grid for BCPlaid Biclustering
plotclustBarplot of Bicluster
predictPredict from a BCrepBimax Result
SyntrenEcoliSynTReN E. coli
writeclustWrite a Bicluster as a Cluster Result
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