Man pages for blastula
Easily Send HTML Email Messages

add_attachmentAdd a file attachment to an email message
add_cta_buttonCreate an HTML fragment for a CTA button
add_ggplotCreate an HTML fragment for an embedded ggplot image
add_imageCreate an HTML fragment for an embedded image
add_imgur_imageDeploy a local image to Imgur and create an image tag
add_readable_timeCreate a string with a more readable date/time
articleSpecify the components of an article
attach_connect_emailAssociate an email when publishing an R Markdown document to...
blastula_emailThe R Markdown 'blastula_email' output format
blastula_templateDefault template for 'compose_email()'
block_articlesA block of one, two, or three articles with a multicolumn...
blocksAn enclosure for all HTML block functions
block_social_linksA block of social sharing icons with links
block_spacerA spacer block
block_textA block of text
block_titleA block with large title text
compose_emailCreate the email message body
create_smtp_creds_fileStore SMTP credentials in a file
create_smtp_creds_keyStore SMTP credentials in the system's key-value store
credential_helpersHelpers for supplying SMTP credentials
delete_all_credential_keysDelete all *blastula* credential keys
delete_credential_keyDelete a single *blastula* credential key
get_html_strGet the HTML content of an email message
mdInterpret input text as Markdown-formatted text
pipeThe magrittr pipe
prepare_rsc_example_filesPrepare example files for RStudio Connect emailing with R...
prepare_test_messagePrepare a email test message object
print.blastula_messagePrint the email object to the Viewer
render_emailR Markdown render functions for the 'blastula_email' output...
send_by_mailgunSend an email message through the Mailgun API
smtp_sendSend an email message through SMTP
social_linkSpecify the components of a social link
suppress_scheduled_emailSuppress any scheduled emailing in RStudio Connect
view_credential_keysView all available *blastula* credential keys
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