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A set of example files relevant to emailing with R Markdown in RStudio Connect can be spawned in a specified location. There is a set of three files that work together to provide a full report, an emailable version of that report, and a file attachment; these files are:





The location to which the files (in a subdirectory named "connect_examples") will be written. The path needs to exist but the aforementioned subdirectory is not required to be present.


The main report and associated email can be published by opening "connect-example-main.Rmd" and pressing the Publish button at the top-right of the Editor pane (please ensure beforehand that you are set up work with RStudio Connect). If asked "What do you want to publish?", choose the first option where only the "connect-example-main" document is published. All three files should be checked in the final dialog box, press the Publish button to publish to RStudio Connect.

There is also the single "connect-example-text-only.Rmd" file that, when published, serves as a mechanism to send a text-only email. The content of the email is specified directly in the single attach_connect_email() function call and all other text in the R Markdown file is disregarded.

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