blastula_email: The R Markdown 'blastula_email' output format

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The R Markdown blastula_email output format


The R Markdown blastula_email output format


  content_width = "1000px",
  toc = FALSE,
  toc_depth = 3,
  toc_float = FALSE,
  number_sections = FALSE,
  section_divs = TRUE,
  fig_width = 5.35,
  fig_height = 5,
  fig_retina = 2,
  fig_caption = TRUE,
  dev = "png",
  smart = TRUE,
  self_contained = TRUE,
  template = "blastula",
  includes = NULL,
  keep_md = FALSE,
  md_extensions = NULL,
  connect_footer = FALSE,



The width of the rendered HTML content. By default, this is set to ⁠1000px⁠. Using widths less than ⁠600px⁠ is generally not advised but, if necessary, be sure to test such HTML emails with a wide range of email clients before sending to the intended recipients. The Outlook mail client (Windows, Desktop) does not respect content_width.


If you would like an automatically-generated table of contents in the output email, choose TRUE. By default, this is FALSE where no table of contents will be generated.


The depth of headers to include in the table of contents ( should toc be set to TRUE).


An option to float the table of contents to the left of the main document content. By default, this is FALSE.


Sections can be sequentially numbered if this is set to TRUE. By default, this is FALSE.


This wraps sections in ⁠<section>⁠ tags and attaches identifiers to the enclosing ⁠<section>⁠s. This is set to TRUE.

fig_width, fig_height

The figure width and height in units of inches.


The scaling factor for retina displays. The default value is 2, which is the preferred choice for most retina displays. This can be set to NULL to prevent retina scaling. Note that this will always be NULL if keep_md is set to TRUE.


An option to render figures with captions. By default, this is set to TRUE.


The R graphics device for figures. By default, this is the png device.


An option to produce typographically correct output. This will convert straight quotes to curly quotes, ⁠---⁠ to em dashes, ⁠--⁠ to en dashes, and instances of ... to ellipses. By default, this is TRUE.


Should a self-contained output file be generated. By default, this is TRUE. The standalone HTML file will have no external dependencies, it will use URIs to incorporate the contents of linked scripts, stylesheets, images, and videos.


The Pandoc template to use for rendering. This is the "blastula" template by default.


A named list of additional content to include within the document. This is typically created using the rmarkdown::includes() function. By default, this is set to NULL.


Should you need the keep the intermediate Markdown (.md) file, set this to TRUE. By default, the .md file is not kept.


Markdown extensions to be added or removed from the default definition or R Markdown.


Should a prepared footer message with links be included in the rendered email?


Specify other options in rmarkdown::html_document().

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