add_readable_time: Create a string with a more readable date/time

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Add a nicely-formatted date/time string inside the body of the email with this helper function. We can provide a POSIXct date-time object or use the current date/time/tz (based on the user's locale information at the time of the function call). There are options to specify whether the date, time, and time zone parts are to be included.


add_readable_time(time = NULL, use_date = TRUE, use_time = TRUE, use_tz = TRUE)



The POSIXct time to use, and to make more readable for email recipients. If a time is not provided (the default), the current system time will be used.

use_date, use_time, use_tz

Logical value that indicate whether to include the date, time, or time zone components.


A character object that can be placed inside any message component message wherever the function is called.

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