view_credential_keys: View all available *blastula* credential keys

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view_credential_keysR Documentation

View all available blastula credential keys


To understand which keys have been set using the create_smtp_creds_key() function (and how they are identified), we can use the view_credential_keys() function. What's provided is a tibble with three columns: id, key_name, and username.




Support for using the view_credential_keys() function (and for doing any credential key management) is provided through the keyring package. This function cannot be used without that package being available on the system. We can use install.packages("keyring") to install keyring.


# View the available SMTP credentials
# that are in the system's secure
# key-value store; the `id` values
# in the returned tibble provide what's
# necessary to send email through
# `smtp_send()` and the `creds_key()`
# credential helper function

# view_credential_keys()

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