Defines functions coord2rad

Documented in coord2rad

coord2rad <- function(x, y=NULL, control.circular=list()) {
  if (NCOL(x)==2) {
    x <- atan2(x[,2],x[,1])
  } else if (!is.null(y)) {
    x <- as.vector(x)
    y <- as.vector(y)
    if (length(x)!=length(y))
      stop('x and y must have the same length')
    x <- atan2(y,x)
  } else {
    stop('if y is NULL then x must be a matrix or a dataframe with 2 columns otherwise x and y must be vectors')
  datacircularp <- list(type="angles", units="radians", template="none", modulo="2pi", zero=0, rotation="counter")  
  dc <- control.circular
  if (is.null(dc$type))
    dc$type <- datacircularp$type
  if (is.null(dc$units))
    dc$units <- datacircularp$units
  if (is.null(dc$template))
    dc$template <- datacircularp$template
  if (is.null(dc$modulo))
    dc$modulo <- datacircularp$modulo
  if (is.null(dc$zero))
    dc$zero <- datacircularp$zero
  if (is.null(dc$rotation))
    dc$rotation <- datacircularp$rotation
  x <- conversion.circular(circular(x), dc$units, dc$type, dc$template, dc$modulo, dc$zero, dc$rotation)

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