convey: Income Concentration Analysis with Complex Survey Samples

Variance estimation on indicators of income concentration and poverty using complex sample survey designs. Wrapper around the survey package.

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AuthorDjalma Pessoa [aut, cre], Anthony Damico [aut], Guilherme Jacob [aut]
Date of publication2017-04-17 21:36:18 UTC
MaintainerDjalma Pessoa <>

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Man pages

contrastinf: Generalized linearization of a smooth function of survey...

convey_prep: prepare svydesign and objects for the convey...

densfun: Estimate the derivative of the cdf function using kernel...

h_fun: Computes the bandwidth needed to compute the derivative of...

icdf: Linearization of the cumulative distribution function (cdf)...

svyafc: Alkire-Foster multidimensional poverty class

svyafcdec: Alkire-Foster multidimensional poverty decompostition

svyamato: Amato index (EXPERIMENTAL)

svyarpr: At-risk-of-poverty rate

svyarpt: At-risk-of-poverty threshold

svyatk: Atkinson index

svybcc: Bourguignon-Chakravarty multidimensional poverty class...

svybmi: Bourguignon (1999) multidimensional inequality indices...

svyfgt: FGT measure of poverty

svygei: Generalized entropy index

svygeidec: Generalized entropy index Decomposition

svygini: Gini coefficient

svygpg: Linearization of the gender pay (wage) gap

svyiqalpha: Linearization of a variable quantile

svyisq: Linearization of the total below a quantile

svyjdiv: J-divergence measure (EXPERIMENTAL)

svyjdivdec: J-Divergence Decomposition (EXPERIMENTAL)

svylorenz: Lorenz curve

svypoormed: Relative median poverty gap

svyqsr: Quintile Share Ratio

svyrenyi: Renyi divergence measure (EXPERIMENTAL)

svyrmir: Relative median income ratio

svyrmpg: Relative median poverty gap

svysen: Sen (1976) poverty index (EXPERIMENTAL)

svysst: Sen-Shorrocks-Thon poverty index (EXPERIMENTAL)

svyzenga: Zenga index (EXPERIMENTAL)

svyzengacurve: Zenga inequality curve (EXPERIMENTAL)


contrastinf Man page
convey_prep Man page
densfun Man page
h_fun Man page
icdf Man page
svyafc Man page
svyafc.DBIsvydesign Man page
svyafcdec Man page
svyafcdec.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
svyamato Man page
svyamato.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyarpr Man page
svyarpr.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyarpt Man page
svyarpt.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyatk Man page
svyatk.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svybcc Man page
svybcc.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svybmi Man page
svybmi.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyfgt Man page
svyfgt.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svygei Man page
svygei.DBIsvydesign Man page
svygeidec Man page
svygeidec.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
svygini Man page
svygini.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svygpg Man page
svygpg.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyiqalpha Man page
svyiqalpha.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyisq Man page
svyisq.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyjdiv Man page
svyjdiv.DBIsvydesign Man page
svyjdivdec Man page
svyjdivdec.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
svylorenz Man page
svylorenz.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svypoormed Man page
svypoormed.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyqsr Man page
svyqsr.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyrenyi Man page
svyrenyi.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyrmir Man page
svyrmir.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyrmpg Man page
svyrmpg.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svysen Man page
svysen.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svysst Man page
svysst.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyzenga Man page
svyzengacurve Man page
svyzengacurve.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page
svyzenga.DBIsvydesign Man page Man page Man page


tests/testthat/test-densfun.R tests/testthat/test-svyarpt.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyamato-pos.R tests/testthat/test-icdf.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyrmpg.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyrmir.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svybcc.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyiqalpha.R tests/testthat/test-svyrmir.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyisq.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svysen.R tests/testthat/test-svyatk.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyatk-pos.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyqsr.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svygini.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyjdiv-pos.R tests/testthat/test-svyqsr.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svygei-pos.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svylorenz.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyafcdec.R tests/testthat/test-svyarpr.R tests/testthat/test-svyrmpg.R tests/testthat/test-extract_renyi-pos.R tests/testthat/test-skewed_distributions.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyzengacurve.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyfgt.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyarpt.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svygpg.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyarpr.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svybmi.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svypoormed.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svygeidec-pos.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyzenga-pos.R tests/testthat/test-svypoormed.R tests/testthat/test-svygini.R tests/testthat/test-matrix.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svysst.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyjdivdec-pos.R tests/testthat/test-extract_svyafc.R
R/svygini.R R/svyqsr.R R/svyiqalpha.R R/svyarpr.R R/svyafc.R R/svyzengacurve.R R/svysen.R R/svysst.R R/svygei.R R/svyzenga.R R/svyisq.R R/svylorenz.R R/contrastinf.R R/svygeidec.R R/svyatk.R R/svyjdivdec.R R/survey_functions.R R/svyrmpg.R R/svyrenyi.R R/svybcc.R R/svygpg.R R/svyarpt.R R/svypoormed.R R/svyamato.R R/svyafcdec.R R/svyfgt.R R/svybmi.R R/svyrmir.R R/all_funs.R R/svyjdiv.R
man/svylorenz.Rd man/svyisq.Rd man/svyqsr.Rd man/svygini.Rd man/svyafcdec.Rd man/svyarpr.Rd man/svyafc.Rd man/svysen.Rd man/svybcc.Rd man/icdf.Rd man/h_fun.Rd man/svyfgt.Rd man/svygei.Rd man/svyarpt.Rd man/svygpg.Rd man/svyiqalpha.Rd man/svyrenyi.Rd man/svypoormed.Rd man/svyrmir.Rd man/densfun.Rd man/svyamato.Rd man/svybmi.Rd man/svyjdivdec.Rd man/svyrmpg.Rd man/svyzenga.Rd man/svyatk.Rd man/convey_prep.Rd man/contrastinf.Rd man/svyzengacurve.Rd man/svysst.Rd man/svygeidec.Rd man/svyjdiv.Rd

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