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Income Concentration Analysis with Complex Survey Samples

contrastinfGeneralized linearization of a smooth function of survey...
convey_prepprepare svydesign and objects for the convey...
densfunEstimate the derivative of the cdf function using kernel...
h_funComputes the bandwidth needed to compute the derivative of...
icdfLinearization of the cumulative distribution function (cdf)...
svyarprAt-risk-of-poverty rate
svyarptAt-risk-of-poverty threshold
svyatkAtkinson index
svychuCHU class of poverty measures (EXPERIMENTAL)
svyfgtFGT measure of poverty
svyfgtdecFGT indices decomposition (EXPERIMENTAL)
svygeiGeneralized entropy index
svygeidecGeneralized entropy index Decomposition
svyginiGini coefficient
svygpgLinearization of the gender pay (wage) gap
svyiqalphaLinearization of a variable quantile
svyisqLinearization of the total below a quantile
svyjdivJ-divergence measure (EXPERIMENTAL)
svyjdivdecJ-Divergence Decomposition (EXPERIMENTAL)
svylorenzLorenz curve
svypoormedRelative median poverty gap
svyqsrQuintile Share Ratio
svyrichRichness measures (EXPERIMENTAL)
svyrmirRelative median income ratio
svyrmpgRelative median poverty gap
svywattsWatts poverty index (EXPERIMENTAL)
svywattsdecWatts poverty index decomposition (EXPERIMENTAL)
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