dad: Three-Way Data Analysis Through Densities

The three-way data consists of a set of variables measured on several groups of individuals. To each group is associated an estimated probability density function. The package provides functional methods (principal component analysis, multidimensional scaling, discriminant analysis...) for such probability densities.

AuthorRachid Boumaza, Pierre Santagostini, Smail Yousfi, Gilles Hunault, Sabine Demotes-Mainard
Date of publication2016-12-16 15:35:18
MaintainerRachid Boumaza <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

appendtofolderh: Adds a data frame to a 'folderh'. Folder to data frame Hierarchic folder to data frame

as.folder: Coerce to a folder Data frame to folder

as.folder.folderh: Hierarchic folder to folder

bandwidth.parameter: Parameter of the normal reference rule

castles.dated: Dated castles

castles.nondated: Alsacian castles

cor.folder: Correlation matrices of a folder of data sets

dad-package: Three-Way Data Analysis Through Densities

distl2d: Distance between probability densities

distl2dpar: Distance between probability densities

fdiscd.misclass: Misclassification ratio in functional discriminant analysis...

fdiscd.predict: Predicting the class of a group of individuals with...

fmdsd: Multidimensional scaling of probability densities

folder: Folder of data sets

folderh: Hierarchic folder of n data frames related in pairs by (n-1)...

fpcad: Functional PCA of probability densities

interpret: Scores of the 'fpcad' or 'fmdsd' function vs. moments of the...

interpret.fmdsd: Scores of the 'fmdsd' function vs. moments of the densities

interpret.fpcad: Scores of the 'fpcad' function vs. moments of the densities

is.fdiscd.misclass: Class 'fdiscd.misclass'

is.fdiscd.predict: Class 'fdiscd.predict'

is.fmdsd: Class 'fmdsd'

is.folder: Class 'folder'

is.folder.h: Class 'folderh'

is.fpcad: Class 'fpcad'

kurtosis.folder: Kurtosis coefficients of a folder of data sets

l2d: L^2 inner product of estimated probability densities

l2dpar: L^2 inner product of Gaussian densities

matdistl2d: Matrix of L^2 distances

matdistl2dpar: Matrix of L^2 distances

matipl2d: Matrix of L^2 inner products

matipl2dpar: Matrix of L^2 inner products

mean.folder: Means of a folder of data sets

plot.fmdsd: Plotting scores of multidimensional scaling of density...

plot.fpcad: Plotting scores of principal component analysis of density...

plotframes: Plotting of two sets of variables

print.fdiscd.misclass: Printing results of discriminant analysis of probability...

print.fdiscd.predict: Printing results of discriminant analysis of probability...

print.fmdsd: Printing results of a multidimensional scaling analysis of...

print.fpcad: Printing results of a functional PCA of probability densities

roseflowers: Rose flowers

roseleaves: Rose leaves

roses: Roses data

skewness.folder: Skewness coefficients of a folder of data sets

sqrtmatrix: Square root of a symmetric, positive semi-definite matrix

summary.folder: Summarize a folder

summary.folderh: Summarize a folderh

var.folder: Variance matrices of a folder of data sets


append.df2folderh Man page
appendtofolderh Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
as.folder Man page
as.folder Man page Man page
as.folder.default Man page
as.folder.default Man page
as.folder.folderh Man page
bandwidth.parameter Man page
castles.dated Man page
castles.nondated Man page
corf Man page
cor.folder Man page
dad Man page
dad-package Man page
df2folder Man page
distl2d Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
dist.l2d.kga Man page
dist.l2d.kga.u Man page
dist.l2d.kgw Man page
dist.l2d.kgw.u Man page
distl2dpar Man page
fdiscd.misclass Man page
fdiscd.predict Man page
fmdsd Man page
folder Man page
folder2df Man page
folderh Man page
folderh2df Man page
folderh2folder Man page
fpcad Man page
interpret Man page
interpret.fmdsd Man page
interpret.fpcad Man page
is.fdiscd.misclass Man page
is.fdiscd.predict Man page
is.fmdsd Man page
is.folder Man page
is.folderh Man page
is.fpcad Man page
kurtosisf Man page
kurtosis.folder Man page
l2d Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
l2d.kga Man page
l2d.kga.u Man page
l2d.kgw Man page
l2d.kgw.u Man page
l2dpar Man page
matdistl2d Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
mat.dist.l2d.kga Man page
mat.dist.l2d.kga.u Man page
mat.dist.l2d.kgw Man page
mat.dist.l2d.kgw.u Man page
matdistl2dpar Man page
matipl2d Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
mat.ip.l2d.kga Man page
mat.ip.l2d.kga.u Man page
mat.ip.l2d.kgw Man page
mat.ip.l2d.kgw.u Man page
matipl2dpar Man page
meanf Man page
mean.folder Man page
plot Man page
plot Man page
plot.fmdsd Man page
plot.fpcad Man page
plotframes Man page
print Man page
print Man page
print Man page
print Man page
print.fdiscd.misclass Man page
print.fdiscd.predict Man page
print.fmdsd Man page
print.fpcad Man page
roseflowers Man page
roseleaves Man page
roses Man page
skewnessf Man page
skewness.folder Man page
sqrtmatrix Man page
summary.folder Man page
summary.folderh Man page
varf Man page
var.folder Man page


dad/R/kurtosis.folder.R dad/R/fmdsd.R dad/R/is.fpcad.R dad/R/ dad/R/is.folder.R dad/R/as.folder.folderh.R dad/R/appendtofolderh.R dad/R/is.fmdsd.R dad/R/plot.fmdsd.R dad/R/as.folder.R dad/R/fdiscd.misclass.R dad/R/summary.folderh.R dad/R/is.fdiscd.predict.R dad/R/folderh.R
dad/R/is.folderh.R dad/R/print.fpcad.R
dad/R/sqrtmatrix.R dad/R/bandwidth.parameter.R dad/R/matipl2d.R dad/R/ dad/R/interpret.fmdsd.R dad/R/print.fdiscd.misclass.R dad/R/interpret.R dad/R/fpcad.R dad/R/defunct.R dad/R/l2dpar.R dad/R/mean.folder.R dad/R/plot.fpcad.R dad/R/print.fmdsd.R dad/R/is.fdiscd.misclass.R dad/R/matdistl2d.R dad/R/var.folder.R dad/R/distl2d.R dad/R/l2d.R dad/R/cor.folder.R dad/R/plotframes.R dad/R/matipl2dpar.R dad/R/summary.folder.R dad/R/fdiscd.predict.R dad/R/ dad/R/skewness.folder.R dad/R/print.fdiscd.predict.R dad/R/matdistl2dpar.R dad/R/interpret.fpcad.R
dad/man/distl2d.Rd dad/man/roseflowers.Rd dad/man/summary.folderh.Rd dad/man/plot.fmdsd.Rd dad/man/cor.folder.Rd dad/man/matdistl2d.Rd dad/man/as.folder.Rd dad/man/is.fdiscd.predict.Rd dad/man/sqrtmatrix.Rd dad/man/fmdsd.Rd dad/man/matdistl2dpar.Rd dad/man/fpcad.Rd dad/man/is.fpcad.Rd dad/man/l2dpar.Rd dad/man/plot.fpcad.Rd dad/man/print.fpcad.Rd dad/man/castles.nondated.Rd dad/man/is.fdiscd.misclass.Rd dad/man/interpret.fpcad.Rd dad/man/print.fdiscd.misclass.Rd dad/man/ dad/man/ dad/man/plotframes.Rd dad/man/fdiscd.predict.Rd dad/man/distl2dpar.Rd dad/man/ dad/man/bandwidth.parameter.Rd dad/man/roses.Rd dad/man/summary.folder.Rd dad/man/mean.folder.Rd dad/man/dad-package.Rd dad/man/print.fmdsd.Rd dad/man/folder.Rd dad/man/var.folder.Rd dad/man/skewness.folder.Rd dad/man/print.fdiscd.predict.Rd dad/man/l2d.Rd dad/man/castles.dated.Rd dad/man/matipl2dpar.Rd dad/man/is.folder.h.Rd dad/man/matipl2d.Rd dad/man/interpret.Rd dad/man/fdiscd.misclass.Rd dad/man/interpret.fmdsd.Rd dad/man/is.folder.Rd dad/man/roseleaves.Rd dad/man/appendtofolderh.Rd dad/man/is.fmdsd.Rd dad/man/as.folder.folderh.Rd dad/man/folderh.Rd dad/man/kurtosis.folder.Rd

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