dad-package: Three-Way Data Analysis Through Densities

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The three-way data consists of a set of variables measured on several groups of individuals. To each group is associated an estimated probability density function. The package provides functional methods (principal component analysis, multidimensional scaling, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis...) for such probability densities.


Package: dad
Type: Package
Version: 4.0.0
Date: 2021-08-04
License: GPL-2

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The main functions applying to the probability densities are:

The above functions are completed by:

We also introduce classes of objects and tools in order to handle collections of data frames:


Rachid Boumaza, Pierre Santagostini, Smail Yousfi, Sabine Demotes-Mainard with the contributions from Gilles Hunault, Julie Bourbeillon and Besnik Pumo


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