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Three-Way Data Analysis Through Densities

appendtofolderhAdds a data frame to a 'folderh'. to data frame folder to data frame
as.folderCoerce to a folder frame to folder
as.folder.folderhHierarchic folder to folder
as.folderhCoerce to a folderh
as.folderh.foldermtgBuild a hierarchic folder from an object of class foldermtg
bandwidth.parameterParameter of the normal reference rule
castles.datedDated castles
castles.nondatedAlsacian castles
cor.folderCorrelation matrices of a folder of data sets
dad-packageThree-Way Data Analysis Through Densities
distl2dDistance between probability densities
distl2dparDistance between probability densities
fdiscd.misclassMisclassification ratio in functional discriminant analysis...
fdiscd.predictPredicting the class of a group of individuals with...
fhclustdHierarchic cluster analysis of probability densities
fmdsdMultidimensional scaling of probability densities
folderFolder of data sets
folderhHierarchic folder of n data frames related in pairs by (n-1)...
fpcadFunctional PCA of probability densities
interpretScores of the 'fpcad' or 'fmdsd' function vs. moments of the...
interpret.fmdsdScores of the 'fmdsd' function vs. moments of the densities
interpret.fpcadScores of the 'fpcad' function vs. moments of the densities
is.fdiscd.misclassClass 'fdiscd.misclass'
is.fdiscd.predictClass 'fdiscd.predict'
is.fhclustdClass 'fhclustd'
is.fmdsdClass 'fmdsd'
is.folderClass 'folder'
is.folderhClass 'folderh'
is.foldermtgClass 'foldermtg'
is.fpcadClass 'fpcad'
kurtosis.folderKurtosis coefficients of a folder of data sets
l2dL^2 inner product of estimated probability densities
l2dparL^2 inner product of Gaussian densities
matdistl2dMatrix of L^2 distances
matdistl2dparMatrix of L^2 distances
matipl2dMatrix of L^2 inner products
matipl2dparMatrix of L^2 inner products
mean.folderMeans of a folder of data sets
mtgcomponentsComponents of upper scale of a vertex
mtgorderBranching order of vertices
mtgplant1Class 'foldermtg'
mtgplant2Class 'foldermtg'
mtgrankRanks of vertices in a decomposition
plot.fhclustdPlotting a hierarchical clustering
plot.fmdsdPlotting scores of multidimensional scaling of density...
plot.fpcadPlotting scores of principal component analysis of density...
plotframesPlotting of two sets of variables
print.fdiscd.misclassPrinting results of discriminant analysis of probability...
print.fdiscd.predictPrinting results of discriminant analysis of probability...
print.fhclustdPrinting results of a hierarchical clustering of probability...
print.fmdsdPrinting results of a multidimensional scaling analysis of...
print.foldermtgPrinting an object of class 'foldermtg'
print.fpcadPrinting results of a functional PCA of probability densities
read.mtgRead a MTG (Multiscale Tree Graph) file
roseflowersRose flowers
roseleavesRose leaves
rosesRoses data
skewness.folderSkewness coefficients of a folder of data sets
sqrtmatrixSquare root of a symmetric, positive semi-definite matrix
summary.folderSummarize a folder
summary.folderhSummarize a folderh
summary.foldermtgSummary of an object of class 'foldermtg'
var.folderVariance matrices of a folder of data sets
varietyleavesRose variety leaves
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