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Analysis of Dose-Response Curves

acidiqAcifluorfen and diquat tested on Lemna minor.
algaeVolume of algae as function of increasing concentrations of a...
anova.drcANOVA for dose-response model fits
ARAsymptotic regression model
auxinsEffect of technical grade and commercially formulated auxin...
backfitCalculation of backfit values from a fitted dose-response...
barleyLeaf length of barley
baro5The modified baro5 function
BCThe Brain-Cousens hormesis models
boxcox.drcTransform-both-sides Box-Cox transformation
braincousensThe Brain-Cousens hormesis models
bread.drcBread and meat for the sandwich
cedergreenThe Cedergreen-Ritz-Streibig model
chickweedGermination of common chickweed (_Stellaria media_)
CIcompXCalculation of combination index for binary mixtures
coef.drcExtract Model Coefficients
compedComparison of effective dose values
compParmComparison of parameters
confint.drcConfidence Intervals for model parameters
CRS.4aThe Cedergreen-Ritz-Streibig model
CRS.5aCedergreen-Ritz-Streibig dose-reponse model for describing...
daphnidsDaphnia test
decontaminantsPerformance of decontaminants used in the culturing of a...
deguelinDeguelin applied to chrysanthemum aphis
drmFitting dose-response models
drmcSets control arguments
earthwormsEarthworm toxicity test
EDcompComparison of relative potencies between dose-response curves
ED.drcEstimating effective doses
etmotcEffect of erythromycin on mixed sewage microorganisms
EXDExponential decay model
finney71Example from Finney (1971)
fitted.drcExtract fitted values from model
fplogisticFractional polynomial-logistic dose-response models
gammadrGamma dose-response model
G.aparineHerbicide applied to Galium aparine
gaussianNormal and log-normal biphasic dose-response models
germinationGermination of three crops
getInitialShowing starting values used
getMeanFunctionsDisplay available dose-response models
glymetGlyphosate and metsulfuron-methyl tested on algae.
gompertzMean function for the Gompertz dose-response or growth curve
gompertzdThe derivative of the Gompertz function
hatvalues.drcModel diagnostics for nonlinear dose-response models
heartrateHeart rate baroreflexes for rabbits
H.virescensMortality of tobacco budworms
isoboleCreating isobolograms
lepidiumDose-response profile of degradation of agrochemical using...
lettuceHormesis in lettuce plants
lin.testLack-of-fit test for the mean structure based on cumulated...
LL.2The two-parameter log-logistic function
LL.3The three-parameter log-logistic function
LL.4The four-parameter log-logistic function
LL.5The five-parameter log-logistic function
llogisticThe log-logistic function
lnormalLog-normal dose-response model
logisticThe logistic model
logLik.drcExtracting the log likelihood
maEDEstimation of ED values using model-averaging
MAXMaximum mean response
M.bahiaEffect of an effluent on the growth of mysid shrimp
mecterMechlorprop and terbythylazine tested on Lemna minor
metalsData from heavy metal mixture experiments
methionineWeight gain for different methionine sources
mixtureFitting binary mixture models
MMMichaelis-Menten model
modelFitAssessing the model fit
mr.testMizon-Richard test for dose-response models
mselectDose-response model selection
multi2Multistage dose-response model with quadratic terms
nasturtiumDose-response profile of degradation of agrochemical using...
NECDose-response model for estimation of no effect concentration...
neill.testNeill's lack-of-fit test for dose-response models
noEffectTesting if there is a dose effect at all
O.mykissTest data from a 21 day fish test
plot.drcPlotting fitted dose-response curves
P.promelasEffect of sodium pentachlorophenate on growth of fathead...
PRExpected or predicted response
print.drcPrinting key features
print.summary.drcPrinting summary of non-linear model fits
rdrmSimulating a dose-response curve
residuals.drcExtracting residuals from the fitted dose-response model
RScompetitionCompetition between two biotypes
ryegrassEffect of ferulic acid on growth of ryegrass
S.albaPotency of two herbicides
S.capricornutumEffect of cadmium on growth of green alga
searchdrcSearching through a range of initial parameter values to...
secalonicRoot length measurements
seleniumData from toxicology experiments with selenium
simDRSimulating ED values under various scenarios
spinachInhibition of photosynthesis
summary.drcSummarising non-linear model fits
terbuthylazinThe effect of terbuthylazin on growth rate
twophaseTwo-phase dose-response model
update.drcUpdating and re-fitting a model
ursaModel function for the universal response surface approach...
vcov.drcCalculating variance-covariance matrix for objects of class...
vinclozolinVinclozolin from AR in vitro assay
W2The two-parameter Weibull functions
W3The three-parameter Weibull functions
W4The four-parameter Weibull functions
weibull1Weibull model functions
yieldLossCalculating yield loss parameters
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