Man pages for ffscrapr
API Client for Fantasy Football League Platforms

dot-add_allplayAdd allplay from a standardised schedule output
dot-as_datedate utils
dot-as_datetimedate utils
dot-espn_activity_mapESPN Activity/Transaction Mapping
dot-espn_lineupslot_mapESPN Lineup Slot map
dot-espn_pos_mapESPN Primary Position map
dot-espn_stat_mapESPN Stat ID map
dot-espn_team_mapESPN Team ID map
dot-ff_clear_cacheEmpty Function Cache
dot-fn_choose_seasonChoose current season
dot-fn_drop_nullsDrop nulls from a list/vector
dot-fn_set_ratelimitSet rate limit
dot-fn_set_useragentSet user agent
dot-mfl_logincookieGet MFL Login Cookie
dot-retry_getCreate RETRY version of GET
dot-retry_postCreate RETRY version of POST
dot-sleeper_matchupIndividual sleeper matchup
dot-sleeper_useridGet Sleeper User ID
dp_clean_htmlRemove HTML from string
dp_cleannamesClean Names
dp_name_mappingAlternate name mappings
dp_playeridsImport latest DynastyProcess player IDs
dp_valuesImport latest DynastyProcess values
espn_connectConnect to ESPN League
espn_getendpointGET ESPN fantasy league endpoint
espn_getendpoint_rawGET ESPN endpoint (raw)
espn_playersESPN players library
espn_potentialpointsESPN Potential Points
ff_connectConnect to a League
ff_draftGet Draft Results
ff_draftpicksGet Draft Picks
ff_franchisesGet League Franchises
ff_leagueGet League Summary
ff_playerscoresGet Player Scoring History
ff_rostersGet League Rosters
ff_scheduleGet Schedule
ff_scoringGet League Scoring Settings
ff_scoringhistoryGet League-Specific Scoring History
ffscrapr-packageffscrapr: API Client for Fantasy Football League Platforms
ff_standingsGet Standings
ff_starter_positionsGet Starting Lineup Settings
ff_startersGet Starting Lineups
ff_templateDefault 'conn' objects
ff_transactionsGet League Transactions
ff_userleaguesGet User Leagues
fleaflicker_connectConnect to Fleaflicker League
fleaflicker_getendpointGET any Fleaflicker endpoint
fleaflicker_playersFleaflicker players library
fleaflicker_userleaguesFleaflicker - Get User Leagues
mfl_allrulesMFL rules library - memoised via zzz.R
mfl_connectConnect to MFL League
mfl_getendpointGET any MFL endpoint
mfl_playersMFL players library
nflfastr_rostersImport nflfastr roster data
nflfastr_stat_mappingMappings for nflfastr to fantasy platform scoring
nflfastr_weeklyImport latest nflfastr weekly stats
pipePipe operator
release_bulletsRelease questions
set_unescaped_cookiesAdd unescaped cookies
sitrepffverse sitrep
sleeper_connectConnect to Sleeper League
sleeper_getendpointGET any Sleeper endpoint
sleeper_playersSleeper players library
sleeper_userleaguesSleeper - Get User Leagues
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