model.frame.flexsurvreg: Extract original data from 'flexsurvreg' objects.

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model.frame.flexsurvregR Documentation

Extract original data from flexsurvreg objects.


Extract the data from a model fitted with flexsurvreg.


## S3 method for class 'flexsurvreg'
model.frame(formula, ...)

## S3 method for class 'flexsurvreg'
model.matrix(object, par = NULL, ...)



A fitted model object, as returned by flexsurvreg.


Further arguments (not used).


A fitted model object, as returned by flexsurvreg.


String naming the parameter whose linear model matrix is desired.

The default value of par=NULL returns a matrix consisting of the model matrices for all models in the object cbinded together, with the intercepts excluded. This is not really a “model matrix” in the usual sense, however, the columns directly correspond to the covariate coefficients in the matrix of estimates from the fitted model.


model.frame returns a data frame with all the original variables used for the model fit.

model.matrix returns a design matrix for a part of the model that includes covariates. The required part is indicated by the "par" argument (see above).


C. H. Jackson

See Also

flexsurvreg, model.frame, model.matrix.

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