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FORCE panel kinship SNPs


A data frame describing (a subset of) the FORCE panel of SNPs designed for applications in forensic genetics (Tillmar et al., 2021). The subset included here are the SNPs recommended for kinship analysis. As the original publication did not include allele frequencies, these were downloaded from Ensembl via the biomaRt package. 15 markers were removed as frequency information could not be retrieved.




A data frame with 3915 rows and 6 columns:

  • CHROM: Chromosome (1-22)

  • MARKER: Marker name (rs number)

  • MB: Physical position in megabases (build GRCh38)

  • A1: First allele

  • A2: Second allele

  • FREQ1: Allele frequency of A1


To attach the FORCE markers to a pedigree, use pedtools::setSNPs() (see Examples).


Tillmar et al. The FORCE Panel: An All-in-One SNP Marker Set for Confirming Investigative Genetic Genealogy Leads and for General Forensic Applications. Genes. (2021)


x = setSNPs(nuclearPed(), snpData = FORCE)

getMap(x, markers = 1:5)
getFreqDatabase(x, markers = 1:5)

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