Defines functions buildBinary

Documented in buildBinary

buildBinary <-
function(dat,copy,one,zero){  #label object, 'one' column, 'zero' column
 if (missing(dat)) stop("Need the data frame")
 if (missing(copy)) stop("Need column numbers to copy")
 if (missing(one)) stop("Need column name of 'one' counts")
 if (missing(zero)) stop("Need column name of 'zero' counts")
  labels_one<- cbind(1,dat[,copy]);colnames(labels_one)[1]<- "status"
  labels_zero<- cbind(0,dat[,copy]);colnames(labels_zero)[1]<- "status"
#column number
one2<- which(colnames(dat)==one)
zero2<- which(colnames(dat)==zero)
  dat_one<- labels_one[rep(1:length(dat[,one2]),dat[,one2][1:length(dat[,one2])]),]
  dat_zero<- labels_zero[rep(1:length(dat[,zero2]),dat[,zero2][1:length(dat[,zero2])]),]
  invisible(expa) #does not print

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