fungible: Fungible Coefficients and Monte Carlo Functions

Computes fungible coefficients and Monte Carlo data. Underlying theory for these functions is described in the following publications: Waller, N. (2008). Fungible Weights in Multiple Regression. Psychometrika, 73(4), 691-703, <DOI10.1007/s11336-008-9066-z>. Waller, N. & Jones, J. (2009). Locating the Extrema of Fungible Regression Weights. Psychometrika, 74(4), 589-602, <DOI10.1007/s11336-008-9087-7>. Waller, N. G. (2016). Fungible Correlation Matrices: A Method for Generating Nonsingular, Singular, and Improper Correlation Matrices for Monte Carlo Research. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 51(4), 554-568, <DOI10.1080/00273171.2016.1178566>. Jones, J. A. & Waller, N. G. (2015). The normal-theory and asymptotic distribution-free (ADF) covariance matrix of standardized regression coefficients: theoretical extensions and finite sample behavior. Psychometrika, 80, 365-378, <DOI10.1007/s11336-013-9380-y>.

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AuthorNiels G. Waller <> and Jeff Jones <>
Date of publication2016-11-09 23:54:09
MaintainerNiels G. Waller <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adfCor: Asymptotic Distribution-Free Covariance Matrix of...

adfCov: Asymptotic Distribution-Free Covariance Matrix of Covariances

bigen: Generate Correlated Binary Data

corSample: Sample Correlation Matrices from a Population Correlation...

corSmooth: Smooth a Non PD Correlation Matrix

d2r: Convert Degrees to Radians

eigGen: Generate eigenvalues for R matrices with underlying component...

enhancement: Find OLS Regression Coefficients that Exhibit Enhancement

fungible: Generate Fungible Regression Weights

fungibleExtrema: Locate Extrema of Fungible Regression Weights

fungibleL: Generate Fungible Logistic Regression Weights

fungibleR: Generate Fungible Correlation Matrices

genCorr: Generate Correlation Matrices with User-Defined Eigenvalues

kurt: Calculate Univariate Kurtosis for a Vector or Matrix

monte: Simulate Clustered Data with User-Defined Properties

monte1: Simulate Multivariate Non-normal Data by Vale & Maurelli...

normalCor: Compute Normal-Theory Covariances for Correlations

plot.monte: Plot Method for Class Monte

r2d: Convert Radians to Degrees

rarc: Rotate Points on the Surface on an N-Dimensional Ellipsoid

rcone: Generate a Cone of Regression Coefficient Vectors

rcor: Generate Random PSD Correlation Matrices

rellipsoid: Generate Uniformly Spaced OLS Regression Coefficients that...

rGivens: Generate Correlation Matrices with Specified Eigenvalues

rMAP: Generate Correlation Matrices with Specified Eigenvalues

seBeta: Standard Errors and CIs for Standardized Regression...

seBetaCor: Standard Errors and CIs for Standardized Regression...

seBetaFixed: Covariance Matrix and Standard Errors for Standardized...

skew: Calculate Univariate Skewness for a Vector or Matrix

summary.monte: Summary Method for an Object of Class Monte

summary.monte1: Summary Method for an Object of Class Monte1

tetcor: Compute ML Tetrachoric Correlations

tetcorQuasi: Correlation between a Naturally and an Artificially...

vcos: Compute the Cosine Between Two Vectors

vnorm: Norm a Vector to Unit Length


adfCor Man page
adfCov Man page
bigen Man page
corSample Man page
corSmooth Man page
d2r Man page
eigGen Man page
enhancement Man page
fungible Man page
fungibleExtrema Man page
fungibleL Man page
fungibleR Man page
genCorr Man page
kurt Man page
monte Man page
monte1 Man page
normalCor Man page
plot.monte Man page
print.summary.monte Man page
print.summary.monte1 Man page
r2d Man page
rarc Man page
rcone Man page
rcor Man page
rellipsoid Man page
rGivens Man page
rMAP Man page
seBeta Man page
seBetaCor Man page
seBetaFixed Man page
skew Man page
summary.monte Man page
summary.monte1 Man page
tetcor Man page
tetcorQuasi Man page
vcos Man page
vnorm Man page

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