fungible: Fungible Coefficients and Monte Carlo Functions

Computes fungible coefficients and Monte Carlo data. Underlying theory for these functions is described in the following publications: Waller, N. (2008). Fungible Weights in Multiple Regression. Psychometrika, 73(4), 691-703, <DOI10.1007/s11336-008-9066-z>. Waller, N. & Jones, J. (2009). Locating the Extrema of Fungible Regression Weights. Psychometrika, 74(4), 589-602, <DOI10.1007/s11336-008-9087-7>. Waller, N. G. (2016). Fungible Correlation Matrices: A Method for Generating Nonsingular, Singular, and Improper Correlation Matrices for Monte Carlo Research. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 51(4), 554-568, <DOI10.1080/00273171.2016.1178566>. Jones, J. A. & Waller, N. G. (2015). The normal-theory and asymptotic distribution-free (ADF) covariance matrix of standardized regression coefficients: theoretical extensions and finite sample behavior. Psychometrika, 80, 365-378, <DOI10.1007/s11336-013-9380-y>.

AuthorNiels G. Waller <> and Jeff Jones <>
Date of publication2016-11-09 23:54:09
MaintainerNiels G. Waller <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

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Files in this package

fungible/R/rcor.R fungible/R/kurt.R fungible/R/tetcorQuasi.R fungible/R/enhancement.R fungible/R/fungible.R fungible/R/plot.monte.R fungible/R/rGivens.R fungible/R/print.summary.monte1.R fungible/R/seBetaCor.R fungible/R/rarc.R fungible/R/fungibleExtrema.R
fungible/R/corSample.R fungible/R/rMAP.R fungible/R/genCorr.R fungible/R/fungibleR.R fungible/R/summary.monte1.R fungible/R/corSmooth.R fungible/R/seBeta.R fungible/R/rellipsoid.R fungible/R/skew.R fungible/R/tetcor.R fungible/R/normalCor.R fungible/R/print.summary.monte.R fungible/R/monte1.R fungible/R/rcone.R fungible/R/eigGen.R fungible/R/bigen.R fungible/R/fungibleL.R fungible/R/seBetaFixed.R fungible/R/adfCor.R fungible/R/adfCov.R fungible/R/summary.monte.R fungible/R/monte.R
fungible/man/corSample.Rd fungible/man/plot.monte.Rd fungible/man/adfCov.Rd fungible/man/summary.monte1.Rd fungible/man/kurt.Rd fungible/man/rMAP.Rd fungible/man/genCorr.Rd fungible/man/summary.monte.Rd fungible/man/skew.Rd fungible/man/rcone.Rd fungible/man/d2r.Rd fungible/man/adfCor.Rd fungible/man/fungibleExtrema.Rd fungible/man/rellipsoid.Rd fungible/man/fungibleL.Rd fungible/man/bigen.Rd fungible/man/monte.Rd fungible/man/seBeta.Rd fungible/man/vnorm.Rd fungible/man/fungibleR.Rd fungible/man/rGivens.Rd fungible/man/rcor.Rd fungible/man/seBetaFixed.Rd fungible/man/vcos.Rd fungible/man/enhancement.Rd fungible/man/tetcorQuasi.Rd fungible/man/eigGen.Rd fungible/man/rarc.Rd fungible/man/normalCor.Rd fungible/man/tetcor.Rd fungible/man/r2d.Rd fungible/man/seBetaCor.Rd fungible/man/corSmooth.Rd fungible/man/monte1.Rd fungible/man/fungible.Rd

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