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Psychometric Functions from the Waller Lab

adfCorAsymptotic Distribution-Free Covariance Matrix of...
adfCovAsymptotic Distribution-Free Covariance Matrix of Covariances
BadRBYImproper correlation matrix reported by Bentler and Yuan
BadRJNImproper R matrix reported by Joseph and Newman
BadRKtBImproper R matrix reported by Knol and ten Berge
BadRLGImproper R matrix reported by Lurie and Goldberg
BadRRMImproper R matrix reported by Rousseeuw and Molenberghs
BiFADBifactor Analysis via Direct Schmid Leiman Transformations
bigenGenerate Correlated Binary Data
corSampleSample Correlation Matrices from a Population Correlation...
corSmoothSmooth a Non PD Correlation Matrix
d2rConvert Degrees to Radians
eapCompute eap trait estimates for FMP and FUP models
eigGenGenerate eigenvalues for R matrices with underlying component...
enhancementFind OLS Regression Coefficients that Exhibit Enhancement
erfUtility fnc to compute the components for an empirical...
faAlignAlign the columns of two factor loading matrices
falsUnweighted least squares factor analysis
faMAPVelicer's minimum partial correlation method for determining...
faSortSort a factor loadings matrix
FMPEstimate the coefficients of a filtered monotonic polynomial...
FMPMonotonicityCheckUtility function for checking FMP monotonicity
fungibleGenerate Fungible Regression Weights
fungibleExtremaLocate Extrema of Fungible Regression Weights
fungibleLGenerate Fungible Logistic Regression Weights
fungibleRGenerate Fungible Correlation Matrices
FUPEstimate the coefficients of a filtered unconstrained...
gen4PMDataGenerate item response data for 1, 2, 3, or 4-parameter IRT...
genCorrGenerate Correlation Matrices with User-Defined Eigenvalues
genFMPDataGenerate item response data for a filtered monotonic...
HS9Var9 Variables from the Holzinger and Swineford (1939) Dataset
irfPlot item response functions for polynomial IRT models.
itemDescriptivesCompute basic descriptives for binary-item analysis
kurtCalculate Univariate Kurtosis for a Vector or Matrix
monteSimulate Clustered Data with User-Defined Properties
monte1Simulate Multivariate Non-normal Data by Vale & Maurelli...
normalCorCompute Normal-Theory Covariances for Correlations
normFCompute the Frobenius norm of a matrix
plot.montePlot Method for Class Monte
r2dConvert Radians to Degrees
rarcRotate Points on the Surface on an N-Dimensional Ellipsoid
rconeGenerate a Cone of Regression Coefficient Vectors
rcorGenerate Random PSD Correlation Matrices
rellipsoidGenerate Uniformly Spaced OLS Regression Coefficients that...
restScorePlot an ERF using rest scores
rGivensGenerate Correlation Matrices with Specified Eigenvalues
rMAPGenerate Correlation Matrices with Specified Eigenvalues
rmsdRoot Mean Squared Deviation of (A - B)
RnpdMAPGenerate Random NPD R matrices from a user-supplied...
seBetaStandard Errors and CIs for Standardized Regression...
seBetaCorStandard Errors and CIs for Standardized Regression...
seBetaFixedCovariance Matrix and Standard Errors for Standardized...
skewCalculate Univariate Skewness for a Vector or Matrix
smoothAPASmooth a NPD R matrix to PD using the Alternating Projection...
smoothBYSmooth an NPD R matrix to PD using the Bentler Yuan 2011...
smoothKBSmooth a Non PD Correlation Matrix
smoothLGSmooth NPD to Nearest PSD or PD Matrix
summary.monteSummary Method for an Object of Class Monte
summary.monte1Summary Method for an Object of Class Monte1
svdNormCompute theta surrogates via normalized SVD scores
tetcorCompute ML Tetrachoric Correlations
tetcorQuasiCorrelation between a Naturally and an Artificially...
vcosCompute the Cosine Between Two Vectors
vnormNorm a Vector to Unit Length
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