ACL: Adjective Checklist Data.

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Adjective Checklist Data.


Adjective checklist data from the California Twin Registry.




Adjective Checklist data from the California Twin Registry (see Waller, Bouchard, Lykken, Tellegen, A., & Blacker, 1993). ACL variables:

  1. id

  2. sex

  3. age

  4. items 1 ... 300


This is a de-identified subset of the ACL data from the California Twin Registry (data collected by Waller in the 1990s). This data set of 257 cases includes complete (i.e., no missing data) ACL item responses from a random member of each twin pair. The item response vectors are independent.


Gough, H. G. & Heilbrun, A. B. (1980). The Adjective Checklist Manual: 1980 Edition. Consulting Psychologists Press.

Waller, N. G., Bouchard, T. J., Lykken, D. T., Tellegen, A., and Blacker, D. (1993). Creativity, heritability, familiarity: Which word does not belong?. Psychological Inquiry, 4(3), 235–237.


## Not run: 

# Factor analyze a random subset of ACL items
# for illustrative purposes

RandomItems <- sample(1:300, 
                      replace = FALSE)

ACL50 <- ACL[, RandomItems + 3]

tetR_ACL50 <- tetcor(x = ACL50)$r

fout <- faMain(R     = tetR_ACL50,
               numFactors    = 5,
               facMethod     = "fals",
               rotate        = "oblimin",
               bootstrapSE   = FALSE,
        rotateControl = list(
               numberStarts = 100,  
               standardize  = "none"),
               Seed = 123)

summary(fout, itemSort = TRUE)  

## End(Not run)   

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