faStandardize: Standardize the Unrotated Factor Loadings

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This function standardizes the unrotated factor loadings using two methods: Kaiser's normalization and Cureton-Mulaik standardization.


faStandardize(method, lambda)



(Character) The method used for standardization. There are three option: "none", "Kaiser", and "CM".

  • "none": No standardization is conducted on the unrotated factor loadings matrix

  • "Kaiser": The rows of the unrotated factor loadings matrix are rescaled to have unit-lengths.

  • "CM": Apply the Cureton-Mulaik standardization to the unrotated factor loadings matrix.


(Matrix) The unrotated factor loadings matrix (or data frame).


The resulting output can be used to standardize the factor loadings as well as providing the inverse matrix used to unstandardize the factor loadings after rotating the factor solution.


Browne, M. W. (2001). An overview of analytic rotation in exploratory factor analysis. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 36(1), 111-150.

Cureton, E. E., & Mulaik, S. A. (1975). The weighted varimax rotation and the promax rotation. Psychometrika, 40(2), 183-195.

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