Man pages for genomicper
Circular Genomic Permutation using Gwas p-Values of Association

demoGWAS p_values demo data
genes_permutationGene-level Permutations
genome_orderGenome Order
genomicper-packageCircular Genomic Permutations
get_resultsCircular Permutation Results
hsaXXXXXKEGG pathways examples
hyprbgHypergeometric Test (phyper)
plot_resultsPlot Results Circular Permutation
read2_pathsRead to SNPs to sets; Map SNPs to gene-sets/pathways
read_pvalsRead GWAS p-values of association and Merge with SNP...
SNPsAnnotationSNPs-Genes annotation to Distance 0 (SNPs within a gene)
snps_permutationSNP-level permutations
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