Man pages for glmmTMB
Generalized Linear Mixed Models using Template Model Builder

bootmer_methodssupport methods for parametric bootstrapping
confint.glmmTMBCalculate confidence intervals
diagnosediagnose model problems
dot-collectDuplicatescollapse duplicated observations
downstream_methodsDownstream methods
epil2Seizure Counts for Epileptics - Extended
expandAllGrpVarexpand interactions/combinations of grouping variables
fbx(f)ind (b)ars e(x)tended: recursive
findReTrmClasseslist of specials - taken from enum.R
fitTMBOptimize a TMB model and package results
fixefExtract fixed-effects estimates
formatVCFormat the 'VarCorr' Matrix of Random Effects
formFunstest formula: does it contain a particular element?
formula.glmmTMBExtract the formula of a glmmTMB object
getCapabilitiesList model options that glmmTMB knows about
get_cortranslate vector of correlation parameters to correlation...
getGrpVarGet Grouping Variable
getME.glmmTMBExtract or Get Generalize Components from a Fitted Mixed...
getReStrucCalculate random effect structure Calculates number of random...
getXReTrmsCreate X and random effect terms from formula
glmmTMBFit Models with TMB
glmmTMBControlControl parameters for glmmTMB optimization
glmmTMB_methodsMethods for extracting developer-level information from...
mkTMBStrucExtract info from formulas, reTrms, etc., format for TMB
nbinom2Family functions for glmmTMB
numFactorFactor with numeric interpretable levels.
omp_checkCheck OpenMP status
OwlsBegging by Owl Nestlings
print.VarCorr.glmmTMBPrinting The Variance and Correlation Parameters of a...
profile.glmmTMBCompute likelihood profiles for a fitted model
ranef.glmmTMBExtract Random Effects
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
residuals.glmmTMBCompute residuals for a glmmTMB object
SalamandersRepeated counts of salamanders in streams
sigma.glmmTMBExtract residual standard deviation or dispersion parameter
simulate.glmmTMBSimulate from a glmmTMB fitted model
splitFormCombine right-hand sides of an arbitrary number of formulas
startParamsChange starting parameters, either by residual method or by...
VarCorr.glmmTMBExtract variance and correlation components
vcov.glmmTMBCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted glmmTMB...
weights.glmmTMBExtract weights from a glmmTMB object
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