Man pages for glmmTMB
Generalized Linear Mixed Models using Template Model Builder

bootmer_methodssupport methods for parametric bootstrapping
confint.glmmTMBCalculate confidence intervals
dot-collectDuplicatescollapse duplicated observations
downstream_methodsDownstream methods for glmmTMB objects
epil2Seizure Counts for Epileptics - Extended
expandAllGrpVarexpand interactions/combinations of grouping variables
fbx(f)ind (b)ars e(x)tended: recursive
findReTrmClasseslist of specials - taken from enum.R
fixefExtract fixed-effects estimates
formatVCFormat the 'VarCorr' Matrix of Random Effects
formFunstest formula: does it contain a particular element?
formula.glmmTMBExtract the formula of a glmmTMB object
getCapabilitiesList model options that glmmTMB knows about
get_cortranslate vector of correlation parameters to correlation...
getGrpVarGet Grouping Variable
getME.glmmTMBExtract or Get Generalize Components from a Fitted Mixed...
getReStrucCalculate random effect structure Calculates number of random...
getXReTrmsCreate X and random effect terms from formula
glmmTMBFit models with TMB
glmmTMBControlControl parameters for glmmTMB optimization
mkTMBStrucExtract info from formulas, reTrms, etc., format for TMB
nbinom2Family functions for glmmTMB
numFactorFactor with numeric interpretable levels.
OwlsBegging by Owl Nestlings
print.VarCorr.glmmTMBPrinting The Variance and Correlation Parameters of a...
profile.glmmTMBCompute likelihood profiles for a fitted model
ranef.glmmTMBExtract Random Effects
residuals.glmmTMBCompute residuals for a glmmTMB object
SalamandersRepeated counts of salamanders in streams
sigma.glmmTMBExtract residual standard deviation or dispersion parameter
simulate.glmmTMBSimulate from a glmmTMB fitted model
splitFormCombine right-hand sides of an arbitrary number of formulas
tmbrootCompute likelihood profile confidence intervals of a TMB...
VarCorr.glmmTMBExtract variance and correlation components
vcov.glmmTMBCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted glmmTMB...
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