residuals.glmmTMB: Compute residuals for a glmmTMB object

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Compute residuals for a glmmTMB object


Compute residuals for a glmmTMB object


## S3 method for class 'glmmTMB'
residuals(object, type = c("response", "pearson", "working", "deviance"), ...)

## S3 method for class 'glmmTMB'
deviance(object, ...)



a “glmmTMB” object


(character) residual type


for method compatibility (unused arguments will throw an error)


  • Residuals are computed based on predictions of type "response", i.e. equal to the conditional mean for non-zero-inflated models and to mu*(1-p) for zero-inflated models

  • Computing deviance residuals depends on the implementation of the dev.resids function from the object's family component; at present this returns NA for most "exotic" families (i.e. deviance residuals are currently only implemented for families built into base R plus nbinom1, nbinom2). Deviance residuals are based on the conditional distributions only, i.e. ignoring zero-inflation components.

  • Deviance is computed as the sum of squared deviance residuals, so is available only for the families listed in the bullet point above. See deviance.merMod for more details on the definition of the deviance for GLMMs.

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