gm: List of arrays of gamma structures

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List of arrays of gamma structures


List of arrays of 4x4 complex gamma matrices in the tmLQCD chiral gamma basis, where γ^5 = γ^0 γ^1 γ^2 γ^3 = diag(c(1,1,-1,-1)) and the UKQCD gamma basis, where γ^5 = γ^0 γ^1 γ^2 γ^3.

The index mappings are as follows

  • gm[['chiral_tmlqcd']][1,,] γ^0

  • gm[['chiral_tmlqcd']][2,,] γ^1

  • gm[['chiral_tmlqcd']][3,,] γ^2

  • gm[['chiral_tmlqcd']][4,,] γ^3

  • gm[['chiral_tmlqcd']][5,,] γ^5

  • gm[['chiral_tmlqcd']][6,,] positive parity projector \frac{1}{2} (1 + γ^0)

  • gm[['chiral_tmlqcd']][7,,] negative parity projector \frac{1}{2} (1 - γ^0)

  • gm[['ukqcd']][1,,] γ^1

  • gm[['ukqcd']][2,,] γ^2

  • gm[['ukqcd']][3,,] γ^3

  • gm[['ukqcd']][4,,] γ^4

  • gm[['ukqcd']][5,,] γ^5

  • gm[['ukqcd']][6,,] positive parity projector \frac{1}{2} (1 + γ^4)

  • gm[['ukqcd']][7,,] negative parity projector \frac{1}{2} (1 - γ^4)

The function gm_mu can be used to access its elements using a more "natural" indexing.

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