Man pages for hdpGLM
Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Generalized Linear Models

hdpGLMHierarchical Dirichlet Process GLM
hdpGLM_classifyClassify data points
hdpGLM_simParametersSimulate the parameters that can be used to simulate data...
hdpGLM_simulateDataSimulate a Data Set from hdpGLM
plot_betaPlot posterior distribution of beta for each context
plot_beta_simPlot simulated data (for hdpGLM data only)
plot.dpGLMDefault plot for class dpGLM
plot_hdpglmPlot posterior distribution of tau and posterior expectation...
plot_pexp_betaPlot posterior expectation of beta in each context
plot_tauPlot tau
predict.dpGLMdpGLM Predicted values
summary.dpGLMDefault Summary function for dpGLM class
summary.dpGLM_dataSummary dpGLM data
summary.hdpGLMSummary of samples from hdpGLM
welfareFake data set with 2000 observations
welfare2Fake data set with 2000 observations
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