context("icd10 fixed width parse")

test_icd10_most_majors <- outer(LETTERS, sprintf(0:99, fmt = "%02i"), paste0)

test_that("icd10 flat file details are okay", {
  skip_slow("this test is very slow, may download data, but is important")
  # check cols at a time, so I get better error feedback:
  col_names <- c(
  for (v in as.character(2014:2019)) {
    test_that(.get_icd10cm_name(v, TRUE), {
      f_info <- with_absent_action(
        .dl_icd10cm_year(year = v, dx = TRUE)
      if (is.null(f_info)) skip(paste0("Skipping only icd10cm", v))
      res <- .parse_icd10cm_year(year = v, save_pkg_data = FALSE)
      expect_identical(colnames(res), col_names)
      expect_is(res$code, "character")
      expect_is(res$code, class = "icd10")
      expect_is(res$billable, "logical")
      expect_is(res$short_desc, "character")
      expect_is(res$long_desc, "character")
      for (n in c(
      )) {
        expect_identical(res, get_icd10cm_version(v))
    }) # outer test_that
  } # for all versions

# github issue #116
test_that("W02 is correctly parsed", {
  expect_equal_no_icd(icd::explain_code(icd::as.icd10cm("W02")), character(0))

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