extract_tbl_to_list: Convert recent extract definitions from tibble to list format

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extract_tbl_to_listR Documentation

Convert recent extract definitions from tibble to list format



Convert a tibble of extract definition specifications to a list of ipums_extract objects or vice versa.

Support for tabular extract history has been deprecated. Instead, use get_extract_history() to obtain definitions of recently-submitted extracts as a list. To identify past extracts that meet certain criteria, iterate through this list.


extract_tbl_to_list(extract_tbl, validate = TRUE)




A tibble (or data.frame) containing the specifications for one or more ipums_extract objects.


Logical value indicating whether to check that each of the output ipums_extract objects contains a valid and complete extract definition. Defaults to TRUE.


A list of ipums_extract objects or a single ipums_extract object.


For extract_tbl_to_list(), a list of length equal to the number of extracts represented in extract_tbl.

For extract_list_to_tbl(), a tibble representing the specifications for each of the extract requests represented in extract_list.

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