extract_tbl_to_list: Convert a tibble of extract definitions to a list

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Convert a tibble of extract definitions to a list


Convert a tibble (or data.frame) of extract definitions, such as that returned by get_recent_extracts_info_tbl(), to a list of ipums_extract objects. For an overview of ipumsr microdata API functionality, see vignette("ipums-api", package = "ipumsr").


extract_tbl_to_list(extract_tbl, validate = TRUE)



A tibble (or data.frame) where each row contains the definition of one extract.


Logical (TRUE or FALSE) value indicating whether to check that each row of extract_tbl contains a valid and complete extract definition. Defaults to TRUE.


A list of length equal to the number of rows of extract_tbl.

See Also

Other ipums_api: add_to_extract(), define_extract_cps(), define_extract_from_json(), define_extract_usa(), download_extract(), extract_list_to_tbl(), get_extract_info(), get_last_extract_info(), get_recent_extracts_info, ipums_data_collections(), is_extract_ready(), remove_from_extract(), save_extract_as_json(), set_ipums_api_key(), submit_extract(), wait_for_extract()


## Not run: 
# Get tibble of recent extracts
tbl_of_last_10_extracts <- get_recent_extracts_info_tbl("usa")

# Filter down to extracts with "income" in the description
description_mentions_income <- grepl(
income_extracts <- tbl_of_last_10_extracts[description_mentions_income, ]

# Convert tibble of extracts to list of extracts
income_extracts <- extract_tbl_to_list(income_extracts)

# Now it's easier to operate on those elements as extract objects:
revised_income_extract <- add_to_extract(
  samples = "us2018a"

submitted_revised_income_extract <- submit_extract(revised_income_extract)

## End(Not run)

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