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Creates a Skeleton Paramnames Object for Use in Function-based Modeling


Creates a simple skeleton paramnames object that can be entered as input in functions flefko2(), flefko3(), and aflefko2().


create_pm(name_terms = FALSE)



A logical value indicating whether to start each variable name as none if FALSE, or as the default modelparams name if TRUE. Defaults to FALSE.


A three column data frame, of which the first describes the parameters in reasonably plain English, the second gives the name of the parameter within the MPM generating functions, and the third is to be edited with the names of the variables as they appear in the models.


The third column in the resulting object should be edited with the names only of those variables actually used in vital rate modeling. This paramnames object should apply to all models used in a single MPM building exercise. So, for example, if the models used include random terms, then they should all have the same random terms. Fixed terms can vary, however.


our_pm <- create_pm()

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