Defines functions toolXlargest

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#' @title toolXlargest
#' @description Selects the countries with the highest values in a magpie object
#' @param x magclass object that shall be used for ranking
#' @param range the position of the countries in the top X which should be returned.
#' @param years range of years that shall be summed for ranking.  If NULL, the sum of all years is used.
#' @param elements range of elements that shall be summed for ranking. If NULL, all elements are used.
#' @param ... further parameters will be handed on to calcOutput function type.
#' @return vector with ISO country codes
#' @author Benjamin Leon Bodirsky, Jan Philipp Dietrich
#' @export
#' @examples
#' toolXlargest(maxample("pop"),range=1:3)
toolXlargest <- function(x, range=1:20, years=NULL , elements=NULL, ...) {
  if(!is.magpie(x)) stop("Input must be a MAgPIE object!")
  if (!is.null(years)) x <- x[, years, ]
  if (!is.null(elements)) x <- x[,,elements]
  tmp <- dimSums(x, dim = c(2,3))
  out <- getRegions(tmp[robustOrder(tmp, decreasing = TRUE),,])[range]

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