blup_indexes: Stability indexes based on a mixed-effect model

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Stability indexes based on a mixed-effect model



  • hmgv() Computes the harmonic mean of genotypic values (HMGV).

  • rpgv() Computes the relative performance of the genotypic values (RPGV).

  • hmrpgv() Computes the harmonic mean of the relative performance of genotypic values (HMRPGV).

  • blup_indexes() Is a wrapper around the above functions that also computes the WAASB index (Olivoto et al. 2019) if an object computed with waasb() is used as input data.








An object of class waasb computed with waasb() or gamem_met().


The indexes computed with this function have been used to select genotypes with stability performance in a mixed-effect model framework. Some examples are in Alves et al (2018), Azevedo Peixoto et al. (2018), Dias et al. (2018) and Colombari Filho et al. (2013).


The HMGV index is computed as \mjsdeqnHMGV_i = \fracE\sum\limits_j = 1^E \frac1Gv_ij

where \mjseqnE is the number of environments included in the analysis, \mjseqnGv_ij is the genotypic value (BLUP) for the ith genotype in the jth environment.

The RPGV index is computed as \mjsdeqnRPGV_i = \frac1E\sum\limits_j = 1^E Gv_ij /\mathop \mu \nolimits_j

The HMRPGV index is computed as \mjsdeqnHMRPGV_i = \fracE\sum\limits_j = 1^E \frac1Gv_ij/\mu _j


A tibble containing the indexes.


Tiago Olivoto


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Resende MDV (2007) Matematica e estatistica na analise de experimentos e no melhoramento genetico. Embrapa Florestas, Colombo


res_ind <- waasb(data_ge,
                 env = ENV,
                 gen = GEN,
                 rep = REP,
                 resp = c(GY, HM),
                 verbose = FALSE)
model_indexes <- blup_indexes(res_ind)

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