ge_factanal: Stability analysis and environment stratification

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Stability analysis and environment stratification



This function computes the stability analysis and environmental stratification using factor analysis as proposed by Murakami and Cruz (2004).


ge_factanal(.data, env, gen, rep, resp, mineval = 1, verbose = TRUE)



The dataset containing the columns related to Environments, Genotypes, replication/block and response variable(s)


The name of the column that contains the levels of the environments.


The name of the column that contains the levels of the genotypes.


The name of the column that contains the levels of the replications/blocks


The response variable(s). To analyze multiple variables in a single procedure use, for example, resp = c(var1, var2, var3).


The minimum value so that an eigenvector is retained in the factor analysis.


Logical argument. If verbose = FALSE the code will run silently.


An object of class ge_factanal with the following items:

  • data: The data used to compute the factor analysis.

  • cormat: The correlation matrix among the environments.

  • PCA: The eigenvalues and explained variance.

  • FA: The factor analysis.

  • env_strat: The environmental stratification.

  • KMO: The result for the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin test.

  • MSA: The measure of sampling adequacy for individual variable.

  • communalities: The communalities.

  • communalities.mean: The communalities' mean.

  • initial.loadings: The initial loadings.

  • finish.loadings: The final loadings after varimax rotation.

  • canonical.loadings: The canonical loadings.

  • scores.gen: The scores for genotypes for the first and second factors.


Tiago Olivoto,


Murakami, D.M.D., and C.D.C. Cruz. 2004. Proposal of methodologies for environment stratification and analysis of genotype adaptability. Crop Breed. Appl. Biotechnol. 4:7-11.

See Also

superiority(), ecovalence(), ge_stats(), ge_reg()


model <- ge_factanal(data_ge2,
                     env = ENV,
                     gen = GEN,
                     rep = REP,
                     resp = PH)

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