coincidence_index: Computes the coincidence index of genotype selection

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Computes the coincidence index of genotype selection



Computes the coincidence index (Hamblin and Zimmermann, 1986) as follows:

\loadmathjax \mjsdeqn

CI = \fracA-CM-C\times 100 where A is the number of selected genotypes common to different methods; C is the number of expected genotypes selected by chance; and M is the number of genotypes selected according to the selection intensity.


coincidence_index(..., total, sel1 = NULL, sel2 = NULL)



A comma-separated list of objects of class mgidi, mtsi fai_blup, or sh. When a model is informed, then the selected genotypes are extracted automatically.


The total number of genotypes in the study.

sel1, sel2

The selected genotypes by the method 1 and 2, respectively. Defaults to NULL.


A list with the following elements:

  • coincidence: A data frame with the coincidence index, number of common genotypes and the list of common genotypes for each model combination.

  • coincidence_mat: A matrix-like containing the coincidence index.

  • genotypes: The number of common genotypes for all models, i.e., the insersection of the selected genotypes of all models


Hamblin, J., and M.J. de O. Zimmermann. 1986. Breeding Common Bean for Yield in Mixtures. p. 245-272. In Plant Breeding Reviews. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA.doi: 10.1002/9781118061015.ch8


sel1 <- paste("G", 1:30, sep = "")
sel2 <- paste("G", 16:45, sep = "")
coincidence_index(sel1 = sel1, sel2 = sel2, total = 150)

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