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Single maize trial


This dataset contain data on 15 traits assessed in 13 maize hybrids. The experimental design was a RCBD with 3 blocks and 1 replications per block. It is used as an example in the function gamem() of the metan package.


A tibble with 39 observations on the following 17 variables.

  • GEN A factor with 13 levels; each level represents one maize hybrid.

  • REP A factor with 3 levels; each level represents one replication/block.

  • PH Plant height, in cm.

  • EH Ear height, in cm.

  • EP Ear position, i.e., the ratio EH/PH.

  • EL Ear length, in cm.

  • ED Ear diameter, in mm.

  • CL Cob length, in cm.

  • CD Cob diameter, in mm.

  • CW Cob weight, in g.

  • KW Kernel weight, in cm.

  • NR Number of rows.

  • NKR Number of kernels per row.

  • CDED Cob diameter / Ear diameter ratio.

  • PERK Percentage of kernels.

  • TKW Thousand-kernel weight

  • NKE Number of kernels per row.


Tiago Olivoto


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